January 7, 2019

‘Mud’gear Tribute Beatdown

THE SCENE: A balmy 51 degrees, not nearly muddy enough for the theme.


30 x SSH IC, 10 x Windmills IC, 10 x Daisey Pickers IC, 8 x 8-count Body Builders IC

Mudgear’s customer service is excellent which is needed to compensate for the Lg sized shirts cut short.  Therefore, we got muddy as a tribute to gift card reimbursement.

  • Mosey to the notasport pitch
  • 11’s with Cherkins (chest flop merkins) and Churpees (chest flop burpees) at either end of the pitch.
  • began with 1 cherkin
  • army crawl 1/4 of the pitch, bear crawl 1/4, crab crawl 1/4, crawl crab 1/4
  • 10 Churpees
  • Rinse and Repeat in reverse counting up with the cherkins and down with the churpees.
  • made it 4 rounds prior to Mary

30 x American Hammers IC

13 PAX, No FNGs:     Snookie, Yardsale, Beauty Shop, Flatland, Searcy, Bailout, The Dude, Photoshop, Interweb, Judah, Laettner, Gepeto, Tomb Raider

YHC announced that he and the M are expecting their 5th child (a long shot from competing with Rabbit).  As this edition to the family is the ‘whoops’ miracle child for us at 38 and 37 repectively with a 5 yr gap between 2.4 and 2.5, the news has been ‘disrupting’ to our percieved life plan.

We are reminded that God’s plan is bigger and better than ours.  Father, grow us in our faith in You and in the life you would have us live.  Amen

As our ‘plans’ are dirupted, have a countenance of joy and peace that those around us may come to know the Source of these and that others would thirst for a faith whose foundation is not us!  Someday we’ll find out the bigger picture.

It was the plan to cover us from head to toe in mud.  Though I could have picked a portion of the field less drained, I think the PAX were content to remain relatively high and dry.  The rare 50 degree January weather presented a unique opportunity to get down and dirty.

Shortening the overall distance to 50 yds would have made the 11’s more doable and would have kept us closer together as we did get spread out.  If this were repeated in some form, I’d have confined all of us into a smaller wetter spot with Mary reps between each round until the 6 was in.

Prayers requested for Nick who is a young man who was recently injured in a serious car accident.  Also, remember Searcy’s father in prayer after hip surgery from a nasty fall and his struggles with dimensia.

Jump on board with the Equinox Challenge, and get plugged into a one on one 2nd F relationship with a fellow brother through Whetstone.