April 26, 2019

Motivator Merkins Mary Mile

THE SCENE: 55 degrees. A great day to be outside

SSH x15 IC
Merkins x10 IC
Willy Mays x10 IC

Short mosey to a bigger area

Motivators – double hop, single – foot spread, flapjack, SSH. Start at 1, go to 10. 
Curb Merkins -12:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 x6 IC

Mary Mile
Run a ways, stop and do marry

Stop 1
Freddie Mercury 

Stop 2
Hello Dolly
Pickle Pounders

Stop 3
Box Cutters
American Hammers

Stop 4

We were so close to the flag that many PAX could see that’s where this journey would end. We moseyed in the opposite direction however.

Partner sprints
Down and back sprint of ~60 yards x3

Final Group sprint

Merkins x25 OYO
Merkins x25 OYO

17 (2 FNGs – Culture Club and Rainbow Warrior)
Habits > goals

Goals – win a championship. Every team sets this as their goal. Setting it as the goal does very little to helping you achieve it. 
Process – one step closer. The process you apply on a daily basis (ie habits) drive you either towards or away from your goal. Nick Saban is quite famous for this.
Identity – the bottom line. If your identity is that you are a champion, you will repeatedly refine your process and become one. 

My identity is in Christ. What He did for me defines what habits I build/destroy and ultimately where I’m going in this life and the next one. 
Motivators are challenging to explain. I failed to do it well. Most PAX didn’t seem to get it. Cheesesteak did though, so part of me wonders if the other PAX just didn’t want to understand. 

Getting really close the flag and then moseying in the opposite direction has tremendous psychological effect. It was totally unplanned but worked well. 

Sprints are awesome. All out is always awful. You just gotta do it. I was debating between 1 light pole away (30 yards) and 2 (60 yards). I delegated the decision to Pronto Pup. He said 2 without hesitation. That warms my heart. Attitude is everything.