December 1, 2019

Mothership Bacon Run

Welcome and Disclaimer: I am not a professional, modify if you need to

The Scene: Cloudy with decent wind. Forecast had a storm right at workout time, but only a few rain drops dared to fall during the workout. ~50°F


  • SSH IC x35
  • Daisy Pickers x10
  • Imperial Walkers IC x35

At this point YHC informed the pax that today was my B-Day, 35, Pax responded with Happy Birthday wishes and then sighed (with joy??) over the impending workout and potential rep counts

  • Hill-Billies IC x10
  • Overhead Clap IC x35
  • Mountain Climbers IC x10

Tha Thing: BACON Run

Little bit of running, whole lot of bacon.

Mosey to stage

  • First Station  OYO 10Reps
    • Burpees
    • Alternating Shoulder Taps (2=1)
    • Catalina Wine Mixers
    • Overhead Clap
    • Nipple Scrapper Merkins

Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to Event Center, back pedal to pick up the six

  • Second Station
    • Back Extension IC x10
    • Aussie Pullups IC x10
    • Carolina Dry Docs IC x10
    • One-Calls (Merkin w/ Floyd Maywether Punches) IC x10ish
    • Narrow Squat IC x10

Mosey to Start-X

  • Third Station OYO 10 Reps
    • Bonnie Blairs (2=1)
    • Apple turnover (Bear Crawl 20ft, Crab Walk 20ft, Bear Crawl 20ft)
    • Crab Humpers
    • One-Leg Deadlift (2=1)
    • No Surrenders

Mosey back to Restaurant deck

  • Fourth Station
    • Back Extensions IC x10
    • Aussie Pullups IC x10
    • Carolina Dry Docks IC x10
    • Overhead Arm Circles IC x10
    • Narrow Squat IC x10

Mosey to Endex

  • Mary
    • Big boy situps IC x10
    • American Hammer (Tremor Led) IC x10
    • Cockroach Redemption IC x10
    • Outlaws IC x10
    • Never Cross Dolly IC x10

Finish with LBCs IC x35


9 Total Pax -1 FNG Linguini, Bootheel, Tremor, Speedy, Yardsale, Lochte, Farmer, Rabbit, Dawson (QIC)


Be the Bacon. A common F3 saying about staying positive and appealing to others. Even on bad days its best to be consistent and pleasant to be around. That way others know they can count on you at all times. People would rather be around a pleasant person!


  • -TMI from Farmer, thanked YHC for the nipple scrapper merkins for no longer having to shave, Yikes!
  • -The one-call exercise was kinda ridiculous.  We all appreciated Lochte’s advice on “just say 10” (when the count was off).  Swapped that exercise on the following round. 
  • -YHC chuckled when Yardsale mentioned the psychological game that was played by bringing us to the Endex just to run off for another pain station.
  • -Also a couple Merlot splashes today -Soybean is this one of the things we’re supposed to track?

Announcements: King of the Bluff this week, get out and Post Monday/Tuesday. Also, Gomer has his VQ at the Annex on Tuesday!