September 28, 2019

Mothership 9/28

THE SCENE:    76 degrees, Humidity: 79%, Barometer 30.05 and rising, Partly cloudy, Winds: light and variable.

25 Side Strattle Hops

15 Daisy Pickers

15 Windmills 



 10 merkins as a group

  • Mosey 200 yards to north central side of pond. Partner workout. Conduct 100 total box jumps. While one is jumping, other runs 50 yds, completes five burpees, runs back to STARTEX and switches out. Hold plank until all in. 
  • Mosey approximately 200 yards to hill off NE portion of Great View Drive. Partner up. First partner bear crawls 50yds down hill, conducts 20 sit-ups, sprints back to STARTEX while partner 2 is conducting Squating operations. Switch out until completion. 
  • Mosey back to Shovel flags. Disperse into groups of four. Four stations are created in Mothership parking lot. Lunge wall as group to each station upon completion.
  • Station 1: 50 merkins
  • Station 2: 50 WWI sit-ups 
  • Station 3: Hold plank for one minute
  • Station 4: 50 squats as group
  • MARY for 03 mins until Mothership time  

Insert information about any additional post-THANG work (if applicable).
Photoshop, Bailout, Rainbow Warrior, Gunshow, JDate, Dawson, O’Reilly, Tremor, Farmer, Corndog, Snookie(feel sorry for the fella with that name)  & 2 FNG’s The Pony and Acorns
Prayers for Bailouts Family as a member is in the hospital in Nashville.

Lesson of the day: No matter how many contingency plans you have in life, you can never be fully prepared. When plans fail, it’s important that you have trust in God, and a great support network of friends. 
With God first and F3 by my side, there is no task I can not overcome. These past two months with you all have been great. Thank you for sharpening myself, and each other. 

Go New England Patriots 
Crucible October 28(I believe)