April 8, 2019

Mother-Ship Final 4

THE SCENE: 55 degrees and Sunny…I’ll dare say PERFECT!  




WARM-O-RAMA: (Foul = 4 Burpees)
SSH – 4 IC + 16 Silent

Daisy Pickers – 4 IC + 6 Silent

Imperial Walkers – 4 IC + 6 Silent

4 Suicide Ladders



Partner up for a Final 4 (400) workout

P1 jogs to bottom of hill, does 4 Bobby Hurleys on each hand, then back up the hill while P2 exercises

400 Merkins

400 Lunges (1=1)

400 LBC

400 Curb Dips



4 rounds of Guantanamo



8 PAX (1 FNG – Garmin) – Teacher’s Pet, Nature Boy, Tremor, Chuck E. Cheese, Laettner, Mud Pants, Bailout – QIC  



My wife blew her knee out a couple of weeks ago skiing.  Torn ACL, torn MCL, broken Tibia.  She BLEW IT OUT!

What struck me as odd is that she had been skiing with me on black diamond “Expert” slopes all week.  In fact, she had just finished one and was on the Green “Easy” slope on the way down to the lift when she fell.  She was watching our kids ski and took her eye off the fresh powder that caught her ski and caused her to go down. 

This created a life lesson for me as it relates to my spiritual life.  When times are tough, you are focused, you are really paying attention to what’s going on around you, you avoid other pitfalls and snowdrifts. 

When things seem easy, you feel like you have it all under control.  You rely on you instead of on your faith.  When things seem easy, your prayer life may fade, you might not dig into the word as much, you just take your eyes of the slope…or off the ball. 

Be diligent in all you do.  Keep your eyes open.  Evil will attack you when you think your simply skiing down a green. 



Glad to see Chuck E Cheese and Mud Pants complete their 345 week.  Chuck E and I visited 6 different AOs this week and it was great to see/meet lots of HIM around the city.