July 20, 2018

MorgRuck Destruction

THE SCENE: 77 degrees and humid as death

Pax were welcomed and then given the disclaimer that YHC would make this feel as much as a GORUCK event as possible in one hour.  YHC knew this would not properly do the event justice but must give maximum effort.


Pax were given 30 seconds to empty their ruck. FAILED
20 IC Merkins
Pax were given 30 seconds to repack their ruck. FAILED
20 IC Merkins
Pax were given a second chance to unpack their ruck in 30 seconds. PASSED
Pax were given a second chance to pack their ruck in 30 seconds. PASSED
The difference: They knew penalties would occur.
True Warm-O-Rama:
SSH IC x20
IW IC x20

YHC explained a time hack for the pax.  The perimeter of the park is a .8 mile ruck.  YHC asked Green Monster how much time he would need to complete that .8 miles.  He said “10 Minutes”. All other pax immediately groaned and knew the time hack was a loss.  To add some fun, YHC added a 60# sandbag to the time hack ruck. At some points the pax were ruck-running to make it back in time.
Shocker, the pax did not make the time hack. Penalty for missing time hack, 8-count body builders!
On the 9th rep(Should have been the third rep), YHC sent the pax back to zero for incorrectly performing reps. At this point, Sleep Number lost his cool and threw down his hat.  I don’t think he realized his headlamp was still attached to his hat and he accidentally broke it. Sleep Number then girded his loins and knocked out all the penalty 8-count body builders in style!

Slight mosey to the field.

Pax had to drag their ruck across a field (About 50 yards) while bear crawling. Then they came back backwards.  At this point, the fatigue was truly setting in and pax were wishing Memphis was not a humid mess! Rucks were also covered in dew, grass, and mud.  Pax were instructed to ruck up and lunge walk across the field.  Green Monster had red lined and began to splash merlot.  *An angel earned its wings*.

The pax rallied around Green Monster to push him through the lunge walk and backwards lunge walk.  There was another mosey across the field and back without rucks.  Giant was asked to give a time needed to run across the field and back.  He gave 90 seconds.  It took 73.  Pax then owed 17 reps for every exercise in Mary.

Ruck to Shoestring(Ruck V-Ups) IC x17
Flutter Kicks IC x17
Hello Dolly IC x17

6 Pax (0 FNG’s)

YHC encouraged the pax that they can complete a GrowRuck event.  We can do hard things.  Peter was a great example of that.  He was an average guy who messed up in life but with the help of God and the other disciples around him, he changed the world and help establish the church.  The pax will be able to finish the GrowRuck and push themselves beyond what they think is capable with the help of God and the help of the brothers around them.  We can do this!

This was the most fun YHC has had on Q in a while.  Nothing better than a brother splashing merlot!  I know Sleep Number will push through next time ad fight those mental demons that creep in.  Frustration, fatigue and self doubt will come, but we will need each other to push through and complete the mission.  We will need each other.  We will need God.

GrowRuck is coming.