September 7, 2018

Morg People Ruck a Quarter Pounder

THE SCENE: Humid,  pleasant

YHC didn’t plan in advance, nor does he own a high quality bluetooth speaker, but he did create a playlist to listen to while reading this backblast and reliving the glory of the Morg. Something for everyone, even Choker.


SSH IC x28 (to celebrate Bookworm’s birthday), Daisy Picker x10, Windmill x10, Imperial Walker x15, arm circles forward and backward. Took a short mosey while waiting on Johnny-come-lately Carport to get his gear together.

YHC learned the quarter pounder from Proton at the Levee. Slicnut, who happens to be Proton’s brother-in-law, introduced YHC to the quarter pounder with cheese at the Berm. It was raining and glorious. Today, YHC decided to up the ante by throwing rucks into the mix. 

Choker and myself arrived early with our laser distance meters and USGS professional grade conical area markers and marked off an *exact* 100 x 20 yard field, with markers at 25 yard increments. 

Starting at Cone 1, the PAX bear crawled to Cone 2, dragging their rucks between their legs. At Cone 2, we did 28 ruck burpees (burpee holding the ruck, then pressing it instead of jumping). The plan was 25, but we had to celebrate Bookworm’s birthday again! Rucks overhead and mosey back to Cone 1.

Bear crawl to Cone 3 (50 yd), dragging rucks – RUCK UP! 25 4-count merkins in cadence. Rucks overhead and mosey back.

Bear crawl to Cone 4 – RUCK UP! 75 squats on your own. Rucks overhead and mosey back.

Bear crawl to Cone 5 – RUCK UP! 100 SSH on your own (absolutely miserable). Rucks overhead and mosey back.

Next, PAX partnered up, with Choker offering to be the odd man. Instructions were to fireman carry your partner 50 yards. YHC could not manage to get Carport high enough on my shoulders, so we reverted to piggy back. Once we were all in, we held our rucks over our heads and did 20 4-count flutter kicks in cadence. Partners flapjack and carry each other 50 yards back. Carport accomplished what YHC could not.

With 10 minutes left, we took a short lap on the walking track and got back to the flag. 

WWI Sit-ups, Freddy Mercuries, and, to round out the morning, a few pickle pounders. 

7 PAX, 1 FNG – Fanny

YHC shared from the Q Source about Jester, the temptation of the flesh that hinders a man’s acceleration. I shared about my perception about my own Jester. A really helpful concept from the article is the five lies the Jester tells us. 

1 – “You are the boss of me – you’re in control and can quit when you want to.”
2 – “You are what you do – this is who you are intended to be”
3 – “You are relatively not that bad of a guy – at least you aren’t smoking crack like Jonny”
4 – “The Jester and Virtue can coexist – you can compensate for your Jester by being especially Virtuous”
5 – “You can’t live without me – there is no hope of changing.”

None of these are true – and the fact is that your Jester will always hold you back from being the High Impact Man you really want to be. 

YHC encouraged the PAX to do three things:
1 – Identify your Jester
2 – Identify what triggers your Jester (might be time of day, certain emotions, feeling rejected or not appreciated, stress) – if you know your triggers, you can prepare to face them.
3 – Lock shields with a brother who will truly hold you accountable. You can’t beat your Jester alone, and you don’t have to try.

The Morg People held it together this morning. I hated myself and my ideas. They probably hated me too, but they didn’t verbally say it, so who knows? I was really impressed by the effort put in by the PAX. Special thanks to Hitch for providing unprompted counts when necessary.