April 8, 2019

Morg 4/8/19

SSH x 30

Windmills x 20

overhead clap x 10

mosy down the new drive to the old lot, stop at every light pole and do 5 merkins and 10 plank jacks.

mosy to tennis courts.

11’s with monkey humpers/bbsu and bear crawl/crawl bearing across tennis court.

mosy up the old drive to pavilion. do 5 squats and 5 smurf jacks at every light pole along the way.

picked up a picnic table, 10 shrugs, 10 calf raises, 10 shrugs, 10 calf raises, 10 shrugs, 10 calf raises, put the table down.

10 x 4 ct dips

10 slow dips, 3 count down & 3 count up

10 x 4 ct dips

mosy to startex

5 PAX: Woodpecker, Streak, Commie, Flobee, Orange Julius.

I was planning on fartsacking since I was still catching up on sleep and shoulders were sore from the Bataan, but the wise AOQ messaged me last night to make sure I was good to Q.  I had forgotten all about it but got something ready.  Really glad I didn’t fartsack and miss a morning with these guys.