Monthly Challenges

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March 2022 Challenge Tracker

Show up, test yourself, discipline yourself: These three components are essential to F3 and the royalty race. Post for you and your brothers, track your progress, and discipline your food intake. Does the fartsack own you? Are you scared to measure your progress or face your decline? Are you in control of your caloric intake or does food consumption own you? Let’s find out.

  1. Post: AMPAP – As Many Posts as Possible, post often and record it.
  2. Workout*: F3 Fitness Test – Complete one or more of the regions quarterly fitness tests.
  3. Queen: The Discipline of what goes into your body – Fast from 7 pm to post workout (approx. 12hrs) (adds a 2x multiplier to your posting score for the day). Fast from 7pm to lunch (approx. 17hrs) (adds a 3x multiplier to your posting score for the day).
  • Gold: 50
  • Silver: 40
  • Bronze: 30

*You must participate in at least one Fitness Test to have your scores count for the month.


Previous Challenges

February 2022

Events and reps: This month we are mixing things up. Complete these three workouts (multiple times if you like) for scoring and rep out with Baggies and M or friend ruck. Log your scores and see how many you can get.

  1. Workout: One Ten to Forty – consists of a 1 minute run, followed immediately by 10 burpees in under a minute, rinse and repeat for 40 minutes for a total of 20 minutes of running and 200 burpees.
  2. Workout: Fast Quarter/Heavy Quarter – run fast for 1/4 mile, immediately add weight (ruck and/or/both sandbag) for 1/4 mile shuffle, rinse and repeat for 40 minutes for a goal of 5 miles.
  3. Workout: EMOM sprints – 40 yd (or more) dash down and back every minute on the minute for 20 minutes.
  4. Rep count: AMRAP Baggies – 60 lb sandbag burpee. Burpee on top of bag, chest to bag, clean and toss over head for 1 rep. Or use a 30 lb ruck for 1/2 rep.
  5. Rep count: M ruck – Go on a 1 mile ruck with your M. If you don’t have an M, ruck with a friend, furry or otherwise.

All three workouts have to be completed at least once during the month in order for rep counts to be scored.

HIMS that completed the February Challenge

January 2022

The Bauer. 24 hrs of 24 q’s led by 24 different HIMs. Starting 6pm Friday (1/14) Ending 6pm Saturday (1/15), AO Blazing Saddle. How many will you do? Set a goal, hit or break the goal, and share your accomplishment with your brothers.

  1. HC in the Tracker by logging a goal.
  2. Post Bauer log how many you actually did.
  3. Congratulate each other.

December 2021

Discipline in December. Scoring will be done in two ways: First, Post. Each Post in the Month counts as 1 point. Second, put away your smartphone when you are with family. That means that your M and your 2.0’s will not see you looking at your phone all evening (or whenever you are with them). After M time, after 2.0’s are in bed, then you can handle slack business browse, watch, . . . etc.

Exceptions: you don’t need a bunch of rules or potential loopholes here. You know what you need to do to accomplish this challenge.

  1. Post at an AO (max of 31 pts)
  2. Put up your smartphone (max of 31 pts)

November 2021

November 5 event challenges. Incorporate them into your Q, do them with your Shieldlock, pre-boot camp warm up, and/or knock them out all together one Saturday morning. Can you complete all 5 for the month? Yes, you can.

  1. Super FAST mile. Run a mile at your fastest pace possible whether thats 10+ or sub 6’s. Time the mile, check the box and post your best time.
  2. Do the BERT Hero WOD.
  3. 3 x 1 minute high plank in under 5 minutes.
  4. 50 (2=1) Bonnie Blairs non stop.
  5. Super Merkin Mile (100 reps at each 1/4 mile).

October (CSAUP) 2021

Crucible CSAUP 2021:
What is it? A brutal string of pearls workout running from one AO to another, to another, to another with beatdowns at each AO.
When is it? Saturday morning, Oct. 30th, 0530-1200.

Teams (Inner Loopers vs. Outer Loopers)
TEAM Inner Loopers – Beginning at Bass Pro Pyramid (beatdown), run to AO Catalogue (beatdown), run to AO Old Forest (beatdown), run to Grahamwood Elementary (beatdown), run to AO Mothership (Convergence beatdown + 2nd F).

TEAM Outer Loopers – Beginning at AO Quad City (beatdown), run to AO Lair (beatdown), run to AO The Levee (beatdown), run to AO Armory (beatdown), run to the Mothership (Convergence beatdown + 2nd F).

TEAM Ruck – Go on an epic ruck from the Barracks (beatdown) to the Mothership (Convergence beatdown + 2nd F).

Finishers: 22 PAX (runners, ruckers, and bikers). TCLAPS to 3 PAX support drivers. 38 total PAX partricipated in multiple beatdowns sometimes running in between. 1 PAX and others supplied 2nd F grub.

September 2021

It’s Iron PAX Challenge (IPC) month. Let’s show the F3 Nation what Memphis is about. Register for the IPC here:
Complete all 5 weeks (Week 0 – 4) and mark them off below. Don’t forget to submit your reps/times with the Nation here:

Great job to the 27 PAX who completed all four + Week 0 of the IPC!!

August 2021

Tired of rep counts, virtual Gold, Silver and Bronze awards? I’m mixing it up this month with event challenges. Complete all 5 in the month. Incorporate them into your weinke. Knock them out with your Shieldlock. Do an off the books, pre-BC, post BC, or fundraiser event with neighbors. These are meant to be completed individually. Once you start one finish it straight through.

  1. Complete the Murph Hero WOD
  2. Run a 5k
  3. Do a 10 mile ruck
  4. Perform 50 burpees straight
  5. Perform an old Iron Pax Challenge workout

Monthly Challenge Results

July 2021

In preparation and anticipation of GrowRuck 23, St. Louis, the monthly challenge is ruck miles. Going out of town? Pack your ruck (add sand, rock, dirt in later when you get there). Cutting the grass? Throw on your ruck. Evening family walk? Ruck it. Wanted to meet up with Ruck Memphis at one of their weekly events? Do it.

June 2021

This month’s challenge is BURPEES!!!!!!. You knew it was coming, why not my birthday month? I am also challenging each one of us to combine the 1st F and the 3rd F and you know when you add 1 plus 3 it equals 4. Therefore, we are doing this 4 Streets Ministry. Get a few family and friends to pledge one cent ($ 0.01) for every burpee you do this month to Streets. Donate HERE!
Platinum: 6,000 (200/day) = $60 donation!
Gold: 5,000 (~170/day) = $50 donation!
Silver: 4,000 (~130/day) = $40 donation!
Bronze: 3,000 (100/day) = $30 donation!
Bootcamp Burpees absolutely count.

May 2021

April 2021

March 2021

The monthly challenge is squats with a weight multiplier. Let’s aim for parallel-to-the-ground quads (i.e. a full squat). Quarter squats get quarter-results. A bodyweight rep = 1 BWR. CMU @25lbs = 1.5BWR, 50lbs = 2BWR, 100lbs = 3BWR, etc.

Gold: 4000 (~130 BWR/day)
Silver: 3000 (~100 BWR/day)
Bronze: 2000 (~65 BWR/day)

February 2021

Gold: 20-28 days
Silver: 14-19 days
Bronze: 8-13 days

Set a timer, turn off your notifications, silence your outer world, sit comfortably and breathe normally. Your aim is for 5 minutes of stillness. Create stillness in the external space around you and practice creating a stillness in your mind. Roots will send out tips and tricks, mantras and other meditations throughout the month in our new #meditation Slack channel. Check your ego and try something new in this age of constant distraction.

January 2021

Chin-Ups and Curls
7 CMU curls counted for 1 chin-up.

December 2020

Ruck Miles
Miles rucked before bootcamp were multiplied by 5. Weight minimum was 20lb with 100lb as 2x (linear scale in between).

November 2020

Hand-Release Merkins
Regular merkins counted as 0.6 HR merkins.

October 2020

Pounds pressed overhead.
Example: 10 reps of CMU overhead presses = 10 * 30lbs = 300lbs.

May 2020

April 2020

Winner: Paper Trail with 16,780

March 2020

Winner: Upgrade with 11,300

February 2020

Winner: MUDPANTS with 4,003

January 2020

Winner: Hobo with 246.3

December 2019

Winner: Zima with 206.9