March 11, 2019

Monopoly at the Berm (March 7)

THE SCENE:  50 and cloudy

Arm circles (x20)

We played Monopoly on a board in the east side of the parking lot. The square has 20 activities spread out around 4 sides. We broke into three pairs of two and started at different places. So, no two pairs did the exact same exercises.

The basic premise is that smaller properties have smaller values (10 burpees, 10 8-ct body builders), while larger properties have higher quantities (50 squats, 50 SSH). Rail roads require laps around the building. Chance/Community Chest cards have surprises.

The total number of reps works out to doing about 50 reps of 10 different exercises or so.

2 minutes of Mountain Climbers

6 PAX  (Laetner, Bailout, Lipton (Q) , Marrow, Barney, and Yardsale)

We talked about the three principles for interacting with people of different belief systems that were developed by Harvard Divinity School Dean Krister Stendahl:

  1. When learning about another faith/belief, ask a believer and not a critic. Find someone who actually believes/loves the tradition to represent it, not someone with an outside viewpoint.
  2. Compare your best to their best, not your best to their worst. Don’t compare your successes against their scandals. Don’t compare your best president to their worst.
  3. Allow room for holy envy. What features of that way of thinking do you appreciate? What do they do well that you do poorly?