October 14, 2019

Monday Barracks

THE SCENE: Shoestring and Passport were waiting at the AO when YHC pulled up. Tremor and Gus pulled up shortly before 0530. I had several workout ideas bouncing around in my head, but none solidified. They all could accommodate up to 6 PAX, so I was pleased with our 5 piece. We grabbed two 60# sandbags, a 35# kettlebell, and a 30# ruck plate, and headed for the pull-up bars.  

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: given while walking

Short warm-up: SSH, tempo squats, daisy pickers, tempo merkins

First up, some circuit work. 4 rounds of: 20 SSH, 15 merkins, 10 dips, 5 pull-ups in 2:30.

[2:30 was a tad too long, probably should’ve been 2:00.]

Next, the PAX and weight were arranged on the track. 

Lane 1: 1 PAX shouldering a 60# sandbag
Lanes 2-3: 2 PAX farmer carrying the kettlebell, 60# sandbag (between them), and ruck plate.
Lanes 4-5: 2 PAX

Lanes 1-3 picked up the weight and headed counter-clockwise. Lanes 4-5 did burpee broad jumps clockwise. When the group met, the PAX rotated. The broad jump PAX typically covered 50-75 meters, with the weighted PAX covering ~350 m each round. We did one full rotation.

After the last round, we headed back to the pull-up bars for one final round of our first circuit. Then we headed to the far corner of the track for a brief Mary: 15 big boy sit-ups, 15 V-ups. 


I have an anger problem. I get frustrated easily, lose my patience, and take it out on my family. Saturday night, I lost it on my daughter at bedtime and left the room. I went back a few minutes later to apologize and ask her forgiveness. She was upset and crying, but we were able to talk and reconcile. It struck me that some of my most vivid memories of my mom as a young child are outbursts of anger. I recently learned that my grandfather would do the same things towards his kids. Are these hereditary? I was frustrated feeling like I’m just always going to have this issue. I talked with my daughter again Sunday and told her about my family and my own memories. I told her that I’ll probably lose my temper again sometime, but I hope the memories she has of those times include me apologizing and seeking reconciliation. How do you respond when you fail the ones you love? 

Farmer carries are great for grip and forearms. Do them.