January 20, 2021


THE SCENE:  Still lots of cops out along Popular Ave.  Kept me 5 over for the second straight G-town AO commute day.  It was cold and frosty as I cruised around Riverdale school.  Nothing creepy about a mini-van driving around an elementary/middle school at 0435.  Passed Hobo on the road and as a formaility I asked him if he needed a ride to startex.  We pre-ran as Paper Cut initiated.  Paper Cut fartsacked.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  You are responsible for your own body.  Welcome FNG

WARM-O-RAMA:   Absolutions x 10 IC, Froggers x 10 IC, Deep stretching routine

THA-THANG:   PAX grabbed towels and we moseyed to the not-an-american-pastime-field.  Draped the towels over the left field fence and moseyed to the far right field.

7’s Froggers and Squat Jacks.   7 froggers in the right field, ran to the left field fence, scaled/jumped over fence, and performed 7 squat jacks.

Scaled/jumped back over fence, ran to the far right field and did 6 froggers.  R & R until completion decreasing one rep each round.

Mosey to the school, failed mosey around school, back to the not-a-sport fields.

1st and 10’s (version).

100 yd field marked off every 10 yrds with cones/flags.  Begin at the far end, run to the 10 yd line and performed 10 Absolutions, run to the opposite end and back.  R & R stopping at the 20 yd line and performing 9 Absolutions and so forth through 1 Absolution at the 90 yd line.

MARY:  Boat Canoe (2 minutes), 100’s IC

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:   9 PAX (1 FNG); Captain Obvious,  Bootheel, Baby Back (FNG),  Hot-N-Ready, Hobo, Skinner, Black Diamond, Psalty

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:  Death is sudden, abrupt, and unexpected (for some reason).

The Lake Norman PAX are mourning the loss of a PAX’s M and another PAX’s brother.  Beauty Shop and Shoestring are mourning the loss of Traveon Hill (see link below).

I think we need to know how someone died so that we can somehow make sense of it, control it, and make sure it doesn’t happen to us or one of our loved ones.  I also think that we know our own death is inevitable but somehow we refer to the event as “I’ll die someday”.  We never really seem to think that I’ll die today.  As a believer and follower of the Way, I accept death and embrace it fully knowing that death is conquered by my Lord and Saviour Jesus. Therefore, I do not live my daily life thinking about death or living in fear of death.  That is not living.  However, I don’t often acknowledge the inevitable death of a loved one.  My wife or my children will “outlive me”.

We are not garanteed tomorrow or even the next few seconds nor are we garanteed the company of our loved ones beyond this moment.  So make the moment count, enjoy it, and be thankful for it.  I think we can do this better and at the same time long for the day we are reunited with our Creator in the relationship we were created for.

MOLESKIN:   The ballfield fence was higher than expected.  I was prepared with the towels but immediately realized that half the PAX would not be able to scale the fence without significant risk.  So I heavily encouraged modification.  The tour de Riverdale was a bit far to mosey and was unecessary.  The dark soccer fields made the pin flags close to invisible and my 50 yd cone became the 100 yd cone as our 1st F Q set the low bar standard at the beginning.  We almost finished the 1st and 10’s with the Absolutions in 10 minutes.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:   Prayer requests for Traveon Hill’s family and the Lake Norman, NC PAX

Fundraiser by Lawanda Vinson : Traveon T. Hill (gofundme.com)

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