October 1, 2019


THE SCENE: 73 degrees. Much mumblechatter. I forgot the speaker.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Given at least 4 times.

  • SSH ICx10
  • Merkins ICx10
  • Squats ICx10
  • Plankjacks ICx10
  • Arm Circles forward ICx10
  • Arm Circles reverse ICx10
  • Imperial Walkers ICx10

MOBY MILE!! Played the song Flowers (AKA Bring Sally Up) by Moby 4 times on a 1 mile course. After each run, YHC would call a workout until All In. Our route consisted of:

  • 1/5 mile run
  • BSU Dips
  • 1/5 mile run
  • BSU Squats (YHC had his phone stolen at this point by Gun Show)
  • 1/5 mile run
  • BSU Merkins
  • 1/5 mile run
  • BSU Partner Situps (halfway down on “Bring Sally down)
  • 1/5 mile run

Mosey to playground


  • Sidewinders for approximately 3 minutes
  • Leg Tucks OYOx5
  • Flutter Kicks ICx50
  • Flutter Kicks ICx20
  • Flutter Kicks ICx10

17 PAX. 16 PAX (0 FNGs) Lochte, Cheese Steak, Granola, Choker, OJ, DHL, Speedy, Bail Out, Tremor, The Dude, Slots, Upgrade, Gun Show, Photoshop, Gomer, Grimace (Q)
Change requires change. Being gone for 10 weeks required some adjustment to how I interacted with my 2 year old. He used to love being thrown into the air, but after I got back, he was pretty hesitant about it since he hadn’t done that in 10 weeks. He used to love piggy back rides, but didn’t want that after I go back. It was new for him again.

When change happens, a HIM won’t remain static; he will adjust what needs to be adjusted within him to adapt to his environment, whether that is physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Be malleable.
The Annex is not known for being able to count well. No KOTB this time.
Speedy is on Q Friday. There’s a 2.0 thing on Saturday that Bail Out seems to be in charge of.