May 3, 2018



The air lay still and humid as the Lonely Mountain stood hazy in the distance. In the Mirkwood, the descendant of Ungoliant spun webs for the unsuspecting travelers …



  • SSH – IC x 30
  • Good Mornings – IC X 15
  • Air squats – IC X 25
  • Arm walks (on the parking stops) – IC X 20

PAX were divided into two groups. All exercises were performed in cadence. Groups traded positions at the halfway point. A total of 3 rounds were peformed.

Group 1 (using the TRX straps):

  • Y pulls x 10
  • T pulls x 10
  • Pistol squats – Right leg x 10
  • Pistol squats – Left leg x 10
  • TRX Rows x 10

Group 2 (using picnic tables as needed):

  • Side to Side Mercans X 10
  • Dips (2 is 1) x 10
  • Pistol squats – Right leg x 10
  • Pistol squats – Left leg x 10
  • Table Rows x 10


  • Bench situps x 25
  • Walk back counterama planks  x 4 rounds
  • Imperial walkers x 30
  • Russian planks x 4 rounds

What’s “walk back counterama planks” and  “Russian planks”, precious?

Walk back counterama planks (needs a better name) – PAX assumes a straight armed plank position. Count around the circle. On getting back to the Q, PAX moves hands back (toward waist) 4″-6″ and repeats the counterama. Rounds continue until PAX are balanced with feet off the ground or nose dives ensue.

Russian planks – In low plank position, squeeze abs as tight as possible for 10 seconds. Relax into a standard plank for 10 seconds to complete the round.

10 PAX, no FNGs
The book of James talks about confession as a necessary component of healing. This requires 3 things of us – First, we need to have men we trust that we can confess with specificity. There’s a big difference between “I’m struggling with some stuff” and “I spent an hour at work daydreaming about having an affair with my co-worker”. Second, we need to be the kind of men that other men can bring their confession to. Meaning we know how to maintain confidentiality and avoid judgement. Third, we need to accept that confession is for the purpose of bringing our unlovable parts out into the light to be loved.

Who knows the stuff about you that you wish no one knew?