November 27, 2018

Millennials at Blazing Saddle

THE SCENE: 27 degrees and cold.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER  Welcomed and Disclaimed. Speaker showed up as we finished being disclaimed so we re-disclaimed.
SSH – 25 IC
Daisy Pickers – 10 IC (slow reps)
    • Get in pairs – each PAX will do 100 reps- after one person in the pair has completed 100 reps, both run to end of the field and hold plank or Al Gore until all groups in
      • Round 1: SSH x 100
      • Round 2: Lunges x 100 (50 each leg)
      • Round 3: Merkins x 100
      • Round 4: BBSUs x 100
      • Round 5: Mt. Climbers x 100 (1-1)
      • Round 6: Squats x 100
      • Round 7: Shoulder Taps x 100 (1-1)
      • Round 8: Carolina Dry Docks x 100
      • Round 9: Flutter Kicks (1-1)
      • Round 10: Monkey Humpers x 100
Dealers choice
  • 30 Flutter Kicks – Nature Boy
  • 25 LBC – Pops
  • 17 Merkins – Uncle Rico
    • Burpees – Lamb Chop (hit 6:15 right before we got to these so unfortunately we were unable to do the burpees
8 (Pops, Nature Boy, Uncle Rico, Speaker, Sparky, Lamb Chop, Billy Blanks, U-Rock QIC)
I signed up to do the 50 mile star course in Atlanta last night. Told the PAX that one year ago I would have thought that it is impossible for me to do that, but with F3 not only have I gotten physically stronger but I’ve also gotten a lot stronger mentally. I tried to talk myself out of signing up for the Star Course just like I did for GrowRuck but I got over that a lot quicker this time. Looking forward to the star course in March!
I encouraged the men to put themselves in uncomfortable situations because you won’t regret it and you learn so much coming out of it.
Great Mumblechatter this morning. Got a double ab workout while doing sit ups and laughing! Also,Nature Boy is a beast.