January 6, 2018

Millennial Beatdown

AO: The Mothership

QIC: Bruce & Bookworm

PAX: Teacher’s Pet, Four Eyes, Moneybags, Backseat, Soybean, Moana, Phat Pat, Shoestring, Leonardo, Backyardigan, Snookie, BAM!, O Positive, Granola, Billy Blanks, Pirtle, Bookworm, and Bruce

Conditions: Cold, 23F



WARM-A-RAMA (reps based off current temp.)
Burpees OYO X 23
SSH IC x 23
Hillbilly IC x 23
Chinook IC x 23

*Capri Lap around The Kitchen and back*


The Millennial
In partners – One partner runs around the parking lot while the other exercises. Then swap until all reps are completed for that exercise.  Begin and end each round together, so Al Gore or plank until all in.

200 total reps of each per team= 2,000

Round 1- SSH

Round 2- Alternating Lunges (1 leg=1)

Round 3- Merkins

Round 4- LBCs

Round 5- Mountain Climbers (2=1)

Round 6- Overhead Press

Round 7- Flutter Kicks (1=1)

Round 8-  Tramp Stamps

Round 9- Chinook Clap (Overhead clap while holding squat)

Round 10- Oops! Forgot to do squats because of time….only 1800 reps!

Hurricane Hoedown (start at 5, then 4, 3, 2, 1)
Hands of Time (incorporated flutterkicks, hello dollies, and rosalitas)



COT / BOM: QIC Bookworm recounted a rough night he had trying to prepare for the GoRuck Sim and nothing going as planned. Explaining that it was like a broken cistern trying to keep everything together.  QIC noted that we cannot keep it all together ourselves and should rely on God to guide and assist us in times of need.

MOLESKIN: Some PAX wanted some more good livin’ and continued on with a GoRuck Sim following BC.  All PAX set out to trust in the Lord in all he has planned.