December 20, 2020

Merry Christmas Mosey

Disclaimer: yes..I am not being paid to be here, neither are you

Warm-up:  15 SHIC, 15 Cherry pickers IC, 1 minute stretch on your own (SOYO)

No Track Workout today. On this day we will welcome the Christmas season.  Running neighborhoods for lights and past 2nd Presbyterian Church( the real reason for the season)

Finished a right around 4.5 miles.  All PAX  stayed together at a pace a hair under 9 minutes a mile.

Mary: take a minute and SOYO

Announcements:  @TombRadar helping out and volunteering at Grace St Luke.  75 hard challenging coming up at the beginning of 2021.  Watch slack for info by Beauty Shop


Prayers for all those that are battling the Virus. Along for all those that have lost love ones


PLC 6/6 … 4 enjoyed a shot of Even Williams Eggnog and some chocolate milk.


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