October 3, 2017


AO: Bermuda Triangle

QIC: Vocals (VQ)

PAX: Gus, Red Sox, Moth Balls, F-150, Soybean, Snookie, Bruce, Mama’s Boy, Shoestring, Doggy Paddle, Four Eyes, TP, Teacher’s Pet, Abacus, Blue, Vocals | FNGs: Tiny, Lipton

Conditions: 72F and breezy



– Side straddle hops IC 15
– Imperial walkers IC 15
– Hillbillies IC 15
– High knees 20m DAB
– Butt Kickers 20m DAB
– Carioca 20m DAB
– 8-count push-up IC 10

The Thang


with coupons (tire, pallet, concrete pavers) that may not touch the ground
25 merkins every quarter mile

– 5 burpees
– 10 lunge walks (each leg)
– 15 imperial walkers
– 20 merkins
– 25 plank jacks
– 30 squats

Rinse & Repeat!

Flutterkick IC x 31
Hold feet all the way up or 6 inches off ground on Q’s command

18 PAX



The day before I got married, my dad took me to eat breakfast at Waffle House. During breakfast, he gave me one simple piece of advice: “It’s your responsibility now.”
It sounds basic, but it is more profound than it seems.
Of course it means that I am responsible for the welfare of my family. But what it really means is that I am responsible. It is up to me.
– I can’t wait for someone else to come and make my marriage work. I am responsible.
– I can’t assume that someone else is going to teach my kids to be decent humans. I am responsible.
– No one is going to hold a gun to my head and make me quit drinking too much, or quit eating too much, or quit going to the porn. I am responsible.
– Life no longer happens to me. I happen to life. I am responsible.
This is not to say that we are more in control of our lives than God, or that bad things will never happen. It means that we must take real, personal responsibility for our lives, our families lives, and the lives of those we love. We are responsible.

MOLESKIN: PAX showed great teamwork in keeping coupons off the ground.