August 31, 2018

Merkin Mile March

THE SCENE: Gorgeous darling! Gloomy, with a sweet smell of timeliness and what would be a future spicy kolache. Roughly 80 (degree symbol) minus about 7 (degree symbol), and somehow less humid and just better than how the innerloopers weather felt.

We were a small but tight-nit group of men this morning. Shout out to Carport who has been killing it lately and taking this GrowRuck thang super cereal!

This was performed with a little ally oop from Choker. YHC couldn’t remember the opening phrase (I AM NOT a professional)! 

Not really, but we did start our Merkin Mile March by performing 20 Merkins with Rucks on. After just that beginning I believe the comment from the peanut gallery was, “I know what I’m going to be working on going into GrowRuck.” Yes. Yes you will. Starting right now, even.

Start Rucking fools!

We rucked ~3 miles and did 265 Merkins with our Rucks on. We rucked ~3 miles and did 265  Merkins with our Rucks on. We rucked ~3 miles and did 265 Merkins with our Rucks on.

Oh sure, there were some penalties, like such as, farmer carries, overhead carries, etc. and so forth along the way. But basically we rucked 3 miles, did 265 Merkins with our Rucks on, and talked about life and GrowRuck.

It was the perfect way to start the day, except Moma’s being closed. —> <—


4 PAX, no FNG’s, EH’d a few running brothers, and spotted Granola’s mom (she was rucking like a boss).

I confessed to the men that I hadn’t thought about COT until roughly five minutes before EndEx so I hit ’em with the GWABBAFARN. (Gus’s Words About Being Better Always Forever Always Right Now!) “Do better. Just. Be. Better. Work harder. Never stop never-stopping. Go the extra mile. Pick up your brother. You can cry about it later, alone, in a closet, for a minute. Until then… JUST BE BETTER!”

Wookpecker said he could probably only do 5-10 of those Ruck Merkins (Rurkins?) 6 months ago. Today he did Two Hundred Sixty-Five of them! I love seeing this guy in the gloom. #WasNow
Cadre was almost late. The PAX almost had 20 8-count bodybuilders for the Cadre almost being late. But alas, he was on time. Like always.
Choker noticed Bartlett Donuts Tip Jar asking for tips a la Jeb Bush style. Probably the lowest energy tip jar you ever saw. Believe me.

Pray for Carport’s possible adoption.
Moma’s BBQ might have a seller. Need to negotiate our terms with new guy soon.
The beginning of the end of GORUCK starts tomorrow!