May 3, 2019

MerkBack Music Fest

THE SCENE: 70*, clear. Memphis in May set up on Tom Lee Park (YHC forgot about that which greatly impacted the weinke).

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER  Check. Did it 2x’s, because GUS “Mini Van Centurion” was late.


Everything In Cadence (unless otherwise noted): 15- Soldier Boy Shuffles, 15 – Daisy Pickers, 10 Little Baby Arm Circles, 10- Reverse Little Baby Arm Circles, 15- Imperial Walkers (while walking counterclockwise in a circle), 15-Hill Billies (walking clockwise), 30- Monkey Humpers (OYO).

On the walkway in front of the building formerly known as Spaghetti Warehouse PAX completed 30-Chin Ups and 30Big Boy Sit Ups, Then rinse and repeat. Hold Plank until all in.

Moseyed to find a way to  Beale Street Landing


On the mosey to BSL, PAX ran behind 2 young, unsuspecting women. YHC thought we could pass them even though the path was tight. PAX pace was increasing while the young women were slowing down. YHC was concerned about the impression on the young women. At this time, GUS felt concerned, so he just began talking about his M. It was an unprovoked conversation, but Gus’ attempt to ease the minds of the young women was understood. Then, Altar Boy suggested that PAX complete an exercise, so we could create some comfortable space. YHC called for PAX to complete 30 Big Boy Sit Ups and disclaimed “I am not a stalker.”

After BBSU were completed, PAX moseyed to BSL. The only place to access the landing was at the end of the jogging path by Beale Street. PAX paired up at the foot of BSL to complete Merkback  Mountain.

200 merkins total between both PAX. One PAX does merkins at the foot of the hill, while the other PAX runs backwards to the summit. Once the PAX reaches the summit, PAX does SSH until other PAX reaches the summit (while running backwards). PAX then jog to the foot of the hill and switches, so that the other PAX is doing merkins. After 200 merkins were completed, PAX worked towards 200 LBC’s.

PAX then moseyed back to the flag. YHC called for PAX to pause at the benches on the way back and complete AMRAP Dips until the 6 was in.  Once 6 caught up, PAX continued to Mosey.

Gus Q’d ATM’s, then LBC’s for 40 seconds.

7 PAX (0 FNGs)


Advancing God’s Kingdom is hard, but The Lord calls us to do that. The Holy Spirit works through us and our community to encourage and strengthen us in the process. As we do hard things in the name of The Lord, we should continue to lift each other up in prayer, encourage each other, and reach out to each other as we need those things.

Memphis in May will keep most of Tom Lee park inoperable, which YHC will note for future Q’s. These HIMs make it easy to do hard things.

SOS cleaning day on Saturday, May 4th from 8:30 – 12:30.