April 16, 2019

Merk Roll-ups and a GOT/COT to boot

THE SCENE: ‘Balls deep in the Pollening‘ Capt. O.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Done w/ emphasis on the Magnet, Glue, and Dynamite.

WARM-O-RAMA:  SSHs x 15 IC, IW x 15 IC, DPs x 15 IC, Bermies (sprints up the berm capped with 10 SSHs) x 5

Indian Run 1/4 mile modified to a group jog punctuated by squats and Mt. climbers.

At 1/2 mile mark we entered the field on the opposite end of StartEX.

In anticipation and preparation of the APFT we performed Merk Roll-ups as a movement across the field.

Merk Roll-up:  PAX began in the highplank position performing 1 Merkin, then rolled onto ones back, followed by 1 Big Boy Sit-up.  Rolled back to high plank and rinse and repeat adding 1 rep.

PAX got to 25 rolls spanning a distance of approx. 60 yds.  (325 Merkins, 325 BBSs)

MARY:   Flutter kick x 15 IC, American Hammer x 15 IC, Boat/Canoe (1 min.)

5 PAX, 1 FNG (Mr. Black), Lipton, Cougar, Photoshop, Tomb Raider


“For I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world”  Jesus (John 12:47)

Take away:  We, as Christ followers, need to be known for our relationship more than our religiosity.

A healthy discussion of whether as Christians we should or should not be watching Game of Thrones (GOT) was hashed out in mumblechatter yesterday prompting this COT.

I am a Christ follower and I watch GOT.  This is not an argument for or against watching GOT or any other.  Game of Thrones is entertaining with excellent character development, script, cinematography, and good use of CGI.  However, GOT has an abundance of nudity and extreme violence.  Therefore, as Christians we speak out about why others should not be watching or why we choose not to watch the show in order to seek pure eyes, pure minds, and pure hearts.  I, switching pronouns from we to I here, am really good at and quick to point out what I think others should or should not be doing.  I am very good at and quick to point out what and why I am ‘called’ to do or not do things according to the law of Christianity.

Unfortunately, the church has also developed a reputation and an identity as followers of the law as judges and holy defenders of the faith.  Jesus encountered many of these law abiders in his time and his harshest criticisms were to those.  Followers of the law liked to voice their own religious opinions and superior interpretations of it.  Followers of the law were quick to condemn and to judge.  Followers of the law enjoyed the eyes of men on them and to hear their praises.  As a result, their message was not compelling.  Earning a spot at God’s table was impossible.

Radically rebelling from their message was Jesus, who sought relationships with drunkards, prostitutes, and even traitorous tax collectors.  We, as Christ followers, have a mandate to be known for our sacrificial love, our relationships, and our kindness so that the world may see us not as religious fanatical condemners but as image bearers of the One who saved us.

I pursue a relationship with my Master and Creator recognizing He first sought and continues to have a relationship with me.  I also recognize that we must guard our hearts, minds, and eyes from the desires of the flesh as well as the company of religious zealots and non-believers.  However, I feel that as a Christ follower I need to be known to those around me for my radical love instead of my radical dogma.

My relationship with Soybean, Gus, and the shared values of the 3 F’s compels me to follow their lead and their rules, not strict adherence to F3 dogma.

I will continue to enjoy and be entertained by GOT and will also pursue a relationship with God.  As He leads me through this sanctification process He will grow me into more freedom and equip me with tools as I seek to advance His kingdom for His glory.

So don’t watch GOT or watch GOT but be known as people who love in relationship instead of people who follow the law.

MOLESKIN:   Merk Roll-ups are best done with much shorter field objectives.  Or, another solution would be to perform a complete roll between the merk and up.

5K this Saturday at 9 a.m. Sign up and support the cause.  Q slots open next week for the Berm.