April 9, 2019

Men’s Breakfast (2-1-19)

Dark, early, not too cold.

All welcomed; disclaimer given.

Merkin Mile (helping Speedy train for the Big Buffalo 50k)
Abe Vigodas x15 IC
Arm circles x10 IC
Reverse arm circles x10 IC

Ham & Eggs: PAX partner up, take turns running (I like my eggs runny) approx. 50 yards while the other PAX does squats (working those hams); total of 200 squats

Biscuits & Gravy: PAX partner up, take turns crabwalking (slow like gravy) from the covered area to the edge of the playground while the other PAX does master of your own domains (credit: Slicnut); total of 50 master of your own domains

Bacon or Sausage: PAX chose between 50 flutterkicks (bacon) or pickle pounders (sausage)

Cinnamon Roll: Low plank for 30 seconds, roll to back, LBCs x 30, roll to stomach and back to low plank; repeat

Donut: PAX form a circle and call out burpees while PAX are doing high knees in place

Dip into Syrup: Carolina dry docks x25; dips x25

Reverse boxcutters x20
Hello Dollys x20

5 PAX (Speedy, Slots, Sonic, Photoshop, Meter Maid (QIC)).  No FNGs.

YHC recently went on a leadership retreat.  Points raised during the retreat:
1. Positive Expectations: Take 100% responsibility.
2. Know Your Current Location: Know where you stand currently.
3. Determine Your Destination: Set goals.
4. Orient Your Map and Compass, and Develop an Incremental Plan
5. Collect Features as You Go: At certain points, confirm you’re headed towards your desired destination.
6. Have a Stopping Point: Every so often, take a break and evaluate how you are doing.

Equinox challenge continues.
Qsource lunch at Whole Foods today.
Speedy doesn’t like Whole Foods; he takes his own salad when he goes.
Men’s breakfast was great.

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