Memphis Mojo Manifesto

F3 Nation has established Five Core Principles.

Our Workouts:

  • Are free of charge;
  • Are open to all Men;
  • Are held outdoors—rain or shine, heat or cold;
  • Are peer-led by participating Men in a rotating fashion, with no necessary training or certification; and
  • End with a Circle of Trust, consisting of Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama, and the Ball of Man.

The Nation has also established its CredoLeave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.

In light of and subject to these F3 Nation elements, F3 Memphis names and establishes the following items as Shared Virtues within our Region. These items reflect Unity in our Group’s Essentials. They are negotiable to the extent that, as Leadership changes over time, the Group will function best as some Virtues are emphasized and others de-emphasized. The cumulative effect of the consistent application of these Shared Virtues is what we call “Memphis Mojo.”

  1. The Region is served by a Tentpole. The Tentpole is a smallish Leadership Group that provides Governance as necessary. The Tentpole includes, at a minimum, the Nantan, Weasel Shaker, 1st F Q, 2nd F Q, and 3rd F Q.
  2. An AO Q Serves each Workout. This is the foundational Leadership position within F3 Memphis. It is the sine qua non of our Brotherhood—the very essence of the Mojo. The AO Q is a High Impact Man (HIM) who loves his local PAX and serves as the face of F3 Memphis to both the Faithful and FNGs alike. He is a Disrupter and is free to Influence the Men of his AO to Move toward Advantage in whatever way he sees fit. The AO Q commits to Posting at every Workout and follows all AOQ guidelines required by the Tentpole. A new AO will not be Launched without an AO Q who has taken Responsibility for the Outcome.
  3. We plant a Shovel Flag at each Workout. F3 Memphis is non-partisan and apolitical. Yet the Sky Q willed us to live in the United States of America, and we accept the privileges and challenges that come along with that assignment.
    We seek to demonstrate Courageous Love to our shared communities and common country, and the American flag is the most widely recognized representation of that spirit. Therefore, the AO Q will pound the Shovel Flag into the ground to provide the Faithful a point in the Gloom around which to rally. In the absence of the American flag, the F3 flag is a suitable reminder of our purpose: to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. If no Shovel Flag is present, the AO Q will lead the PAX in a set of ten penalty burpees.
  4. We provide Workout information (picture and count) to the F3 Memphis PAX and the Nation. Gathering information and providing a report is a Brick—a singular positive Habit that is Advantageous to the individual or others. Within F3 Memphis, we share the count from each Workout along with a picture taken of the PAX present that day. Most often this picture is taken with the Shovel Flag after COT. This information is shared internally via our chosen Comz platform. This process of reporting provides (1) a medium for the PAX to stay informed about all AOs, (2) an opportunity to interact with PAX from across the Region, and (3) a measure of Accountability for would-be Fartsackers. The information is also shared externally via Twitter.
  5. We plan and execute regular events highlighting 2nd F (Fellowship) and 3rd F (Faith). A Man can experience all three Fs—Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith—during a good Workout. But opportunities to focus on Fellowship and Faith help strengthen the bonds forged in the Gloom. These events take various forms—Coffeeteria, game nights, 2.0 events, BrewRucks, potlucks, community service projects, etc.—and are made available to all PAX.
  6. We conduct regular planning meetings that are open to all Region PAX. These meetings offer Region Qs the opportunity to discuss and disseminate plans and ideas. In light of the undeniable power of the Reverse Flow Incubator, all PAX are invited and encouraged to attend, give input, ask questions, and offer ideas. The Weasel Shaker plans and schedules these meetings.
  7. We encourage F3 nicknames that are not purposely offensive, mean-spirited, or derogatory. A Man should be Honored to bear his name, even it feels a little uncomfortable at first. It may not be “cool,” but it won’t make him feel bad about himself. After an FNG is named, official re-naming happens at the Nantan’s discretion.
  8. Fartsackers don’t get to tell stories. That’s right.