April 16, 2018

MEANingless Monday

THE SCENE: As I stepped out the back door at 5:15ish I was met with the April cold.  The April cold is one of the coldest there is.  In January when it got down to 7 and stayed below freezing for several days, now that was cold, but the April cold is worse.  Yes, it was 34 F on this Monday, but I could taste the cold as I passed the pool on my way to the back gate.  My body had already reset itself over the last several weeks to the normal Memphis spring (one day 85 the next 62).  But this morning I could feel it through my ankle length cold gear (not tights although they look just like tights).  I located the back gate of my backyard fence in the dark, wondering if my neighbor would be freaked to see a guy dressed in dark clothes wandering around with some type of black pole and an american flag.  As I stepped through the back gate I gave a quick glance in both directions before passing through to make sure I didn’t startle Larry.  I found my way through the woods to see a car parked where we used to park and thought who could this be.  As I walked up to the AO I passed three ruckers and started to feel that warm feeling all over that we all get right before posting. That warm that says I am with my brothers and I am going to work today.


I am not a professional.

You are participating at your own risk, and you are assuming the risk of injury.
You are responsible for your own well-being; you could get injured (dark, uneven ground).
You are 18 or older, here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here.
Know your limits and do the best you can.
Modify exercises as needed. Everything we say is a suggestion.  Stop exercising if needed at your own discretion.
By working out with us today, it is assumed that you have read the disclaimer and notice on the website and accept the risks associated with working out here today.
Does anyone have any questions or objections?

Imperial Squat Walkers IC X 15
Surfees X 10 OYO
Arm Circles Small to Big IC X 10 Front then Back
Ranger Merkins IC X 10

One lap around parking lot

Burpee Dan:
50 yards between lines Start on one end travel to the other end
1 Burpee – 4 Lunges return in reverse 1 Burpee 4 lunges
2 Burpees – 4 Lunges return in reverse 2 burpees 4 lunges

Slow Mosey around lake stopping at 1/2 way point to wait on the Six (High Knees)  Return to the flag.  PAX performed Flutter kicks till all in.

Yul Brynner (7 types of Merkins)
Carolina Dry Docks IC X 10
Werkins (wide merkins) IC X 10
Merkins IC X 10
Ranger Merkins IC X 5
Diamond Merkins IC X 10
Crucible Merkins X 5
Chuck Norris Merkins X 5

Slutter Kicks IC X 20
Side Plank Leg raises IC X 10 Both sides
Pickle Pounders IC X 15
Mountain Climbers IC X 30 Dealers Choice(thank you shoestring)
Flutter Kicks IC X 20 Dealers Choice (thank you Harry Caray)

15 PAX (1 FNG Cinder Block)

Life is Meaningless – we all come to a point in workout or in a relationship or your job where we think why am I doing this?  What is the point?  The wisest/wealthiest man in the world sought to find meaning in life “under the sun”.  He enjoyed anything and everything that this world had to offer and walked away with “all is meaningless”.  Solomon wrote Ecclesiastes.  We can learn from what we experienced.  We can also understand his point.  Nothing in this world (under the sun) means anything.  But there is meaning above the sun.  Solomon understood that if we think what can this world offer we are left with “all is worthless”.  If our thoughts and actions are done with heaven in mind then all is priceless.  What ever your situation is, relationship, job, etc when you think of it with a heavenly perspective it gives meaning to everything.

Through all the mumble chatter I could hear everyone enjoying the moment and appreciating the opportunity to get better.  Apparently we have a few movie buffs that knew who Yul Brynner was.  This pushed me to my limits Omaha was in effect especially on the Yul Brynner.  Kotters to Scrooge for Posting.

Tonight 4/16 we have GrowRuck info time at Huey’s in Germantown.  Come anytime between 5 and 6 and ask questions to someone that has been through this event.  I encourage you all to check it out.  There is plenty of time between now and August to train for this event.  Hope to see you there.