January 28, 2021

McQuack Jams – Volume 1

Much colder morning today than earlier this week – somewhere around 30 degrees.  Didn’t feel too bad as the wind cooperated but definetely one of those days where you were ready to start working to warm-up.  4 PAX showed up ready to support the VQ – McQuack Jams style.

Fully disclaimed – no FNG’s.

Quick mosey over to the football field with our CMU’s for the warm-up.  Once there we circled up and completed:

25 x SSH’s (IC)
10 x Daisy Pickers (IC)
10 second hold of a stretch extending one leg forward while then straightening and leaning back into the other leg to stretch the back of that leg
NOTE: This was a direct response to stretch-out still sore muscles from @Slater’s 200 x calf raises on Tuesday.
30 seconds of arm stretches – PAX choice (OYO)

I explained to the PAX my goal for the workout was two-fold:
1. Cardio with an intent to push ourselves – stressing the importance of varying the heart rate throughout the workout
2. Always keep moving, even if you have to take a breather, do so while walking around.

The workout was done to the musical stylings of early Jock Jams, hence “McQuack Jams” – led off by “Whoomp, There it is” to set the tone.

First Excercise
NOTE: This excercise was on your own but given our PAX size we mostly kept in stride with each other.
First, sprint the full length of the football field
Second, turn around and run back the length of the field to the starting point at your preferred pace
Once back, we completed the following with our CMU’s:
15 x overhead presses
15 x thrusters
15 x merkins (1=1) with one hand on the ground and the other on the CMU, alternating hands each merkin
40 x deep squat utilizing proper form, then once in position pulsing up and down still in the deep squat for 40 counts

We completed an average of 5 x circuits/man of this first exercise.  Towards the end of the 5th circuit we held Al Gore until all in, then a mosey to the parking lot.

Second Exercise
20 x dips utilizing the wood fence
Deep lunge across the parking lot again focusing on proper form
5 x inclined merkins on the curb
Lunge back across the parking lot to the wood fence
We repeated this circuit while decreasing dips by 5 and increasing merkins by 5 each time (next 15 x dips, 10 x merkins and so on…)
After getting to 15 x merkins we completed 20 more dips and then a mosey back to the original starting spot on the football field.

Third Exercise – Core Blast
3 rounds of 1 minute each of a core exercise completing as many reps as you can do in a minute
Minute 1 – LBC’s
Minute 2 – American Hammers
Minute 3 – Plank
In between we held a 30 second Star Gazer to stretch the leg muscles and rest the core.

Fourth Exercise – Cool Down
Almost finished.  We ran around the football field 1.5 times until we were on the opposite end from where we started.  I had the PAX line-up for one last sprint back to the starting spot, leaving everything you had on the field.  @McQuack started out in the lead but was quickly passed by the winner @Falsetto who charged ahead like a beautiful bearded gazelle.

No real MARY as the core and final run were intense.

Slater, Falsetto, Ratio and McQuack (VQ)

I mentioned to the guys I had a really good conversation with a mentor of mine this week who reminded me to think about something really imporant to me – the word Opportunity.  I noted that I’m a Christian man and believe in the big guy upstairs who works in mysterious ways.  One of those ways, I believe, is that if you pray or ask for something, I don’t believe it’s just given to you – rather an opportunity is provided to you to accomplish your goal.  That can be in your family life, personal life, work life, etc… with the point being take time this next week to focus on looking for opportunities to go after something important to you or where maybe you want to accomplish a goal.  With goals come hope and if you have hope, you have a glass half full kind of feeling.

No devotions or personal comments – we offered up a quick prayer in thanksgiving for the opportunity to come together and work.

No announcement but will note I really enjoyed the Q experience.  Already looking forward to my next one.

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