June 19, 2019

Math Class at the Berm

THE SCENE: Warm, wet, and dry, all at the same time.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER- Welcomed and disclaimed.  I am not a professional.

SSH x30 IC

Hillbillies x10 IC

Good Mornings x10 IC

Mosey to the track and grabbed 1 CMU.  Catch me if you can- 1 pax moseyed ahead with CMU.  Other pax did 5 burpees then had to go catch the pax with CMU.  Waited until all in, different pax grabbed the CMU and repeato.  Everybody took a turn running with CMU, 45 burpees total.  CMU indian run for the last 1/4 mile, 1 mile total.

Everybody grabbed CMU and mosey to the gym.  Did sets of 6 push/pull exercises back to back-

  • Pull ups/merkins
  • CMU Rows/Overhead press
  • Curls/Skull crushers

First time- 10 reps each exercise, followed by a 50yd bear crawl.  Wait until all in

Second time- 20 reps each, and 50 yd lunge walk

Mosey back to startex

LBC x20 IC, American hammer x15 IC
9 Total- Chaperone, Tomb Raider, Photoshop, Drifter, O’Reilly, Yardsale, Beauty Shop, Snookie, Ups
A little preaching to the choir, but simply- do hard things.  Want to be better, figure out what it takes to get there, then do it.  It could be fitness, your marriage, work, spiritual life.  Sacrifice or regret.  Push yourself, step out of your comfort zone, sacrifice something, and you won’t regret the effort.  Kudos to everyone who showed up and did hard things this morning.
Comment of the day- when we started the second set of exercises, Chaperone had an astute observation- “You know, by my calculation, 20 is twice as many as 10”.  I believe he was correct.  This was a hard workout (didn’t look that bad on paper).  I think the 1 mile run with burpees gassed everybody pretty good, then the lifting workout wore everybody down.  YHC was gassed too but must have had some serious Qdrenaline flowing.  Tomb Raider said he was very close to splashing which I will forever carry as a badge of honor.  Great job with everybody pushing through and great encouragement.