May 22, 2020

Manly things at the Armory

THE SCENE:   Bottomed out the family mini-van with a 100 lb log, maul, and 8 paving stones.  Its funny to think about doing these crazy workouts in affluent parts of the city and is proof positive that despite our technology and luxury there is a deep human desire for struggle, adversity, and a drive to push oneself beyond ones limits.  So as I cruised past the fancy cars, well groomed lawns, exotic flora, and 8,000+ sq ft homes there was a smirk on my face as I reflected on the human condition.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  disclaimed Snowman with additional details related to my desensitization precautions taken for components of the workout.  (use your own block throughout, use the hand sanitizer spray before handling the maul should you so choose)

WARM-O-RAMA:   Here we go!  Mosey to the north end of the lot. Grabbed a paving stone.

  •  elf on the shelf x 10 each side IC
  •  tempo Irkins x 20 IC
  •  Overhead press x 20 IC
  •  tempo CMU squats x 20 IC
  •  Curls x 20 IC
  •  Blockies x 20 IC

THA-THANG:   Snowman performed Elf on a Shelf AMRAP (2 minutes) while I took the maul axe and hit the log AMRAP (2 minutes). Switched PAX R&R.  50 m sprint, bear crawl back.

Snowman performed AMRAP Irkins (2 minutes) while I chopped the log. Switched R &R.  50 m sprint, bear crawl back.

continued with rounds of Overhead Presses, CMU squats, and Curls.  No time left for AMRAP blockies (thankfully)

MARY:   no time.

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:   2 PAX, Snowman and Tomb Raider

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:   Throughout history a Democracy progresses and eventually turns into a Tyranny.

I dislike politics but I do like my individual freedoms and liberties.  However, in times of national ‘crisis’ I cringe at the removal of our liberties in the name of security.  I understand the need to protect those of us who would be fatally affected by the most recent disease and that the sacrifice of individual freedoms can be viewed as service to those in need.  I do not question someone’s decision to do what is necessary to protect his or her family.  What I cannot stand is the popular narrative spun by the media and certain political groups who are heavily biased toward a particular agenda.  What I cannot tolerate is the fact that liquor stores and medicinal marijuana businesses are ‘essential’ at the same time as churches and communal parks are shut down?!  The most troubling fact is the wielding of tyrannical power by state governments and the federal government in deciding for us whose business remains open and whose is forced to shut down.  The misuse of statistics, the unverified claims, closet professionals drug in front of cameras, and the pacifying of the masses with unproven mask and glove use is equally frustrating.  Above all the hypocrisy of some people in proclaiming the sanctity of human life on one hand and in the other a full blown contempt for the unborn who do not get to choose between life and death.

So I often wonder what our founding fathers would think of America today some 240 odd years later.  I think I know what they would think;  “He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security.”  Benjamin Franklin.

I believe they would lead an armed rebellion.

What is the nation going to look like in another 200 yrs?

Politics aside, its a good time to lead as men in our communities not out of fear but out of conviction.  Yes, wash your hands, yes protect your loved ones but see the loss of your liberties and recognize it for what it is, a democracy progressing toward a tyranny.

MOLESKIN: First time at the armory.  It was nice spending quality time with Snowman, a true HIM!  Nothing like catching up while bear crawling 50 meters.

We kept things sanitary on the maul with hand sanitizer spray in between uses.  If it didn’t kill any germs than it was a mechanism for those PAX who would not feel comfortable without it.

FACT:  I’m a straight up independent and I hate when I find myself leaning off the fence one way or the other.  However, history doesn’t lie about the spread of disease, the disease leading to the death of people, and how humans sacrifice their freedoms in the name of safety.

GoRuck events and GrowRuck events coming up.  Memorial Day convergences

Tomb Raider
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