June 11, 2019

Man, My Shoulders Hurt

THE SCENE: Unnaturally cool for this time of year, but the humidity was thick. Mid 80’s. PAX were in good spirits and lots of initial mumblechatter.


Done and Done


  • SSH x25
  • Imperial Walkers x25
  • Slow Daisy Pickers x 15
  • Arm Circles Forward x 15
  • Arm Circles Backward x 15


Started off by utilizing the Seconds app with an interval workout.

2 Sets of the following with CMU

  • SSH – 40 Seconds
  • Rest – 15 Sec
  • Curls – 1 Minute
  • Rest – 15 Sec
  • Merkins Right Arm On CMU – 30 Sec
  • Merkins Left Arm On CMU – 30 Sec
  • Rest – 15 Sec
  • Overhead Press – 1 Min
  • Rest – 15 Sec
  • Bent Over Rows – 1 Min
  • Rest – 15 Sec

Ran halfway around the pond with two bricks in each hand. Stopped midway and performed merkins AMRAP for 1 minute. Ran second half and performed squats with bricks AMRAP.

Quarter Pounder With Cheese (Bricks) on the turf field

  • 25 yard – 25 Merkins
  • 50 Yard – 50 Squats
  • 75 Yards – 75 Mountain Climbers
  • 100 yards – 100 SSHs

Bear Crawls width of turf field followed by mosey to pick up cones


Well sometimes there is not something about Mary

8 PAX (1 FNG – Johnny 5)
We strive to physically keep ourselves fit each morning, but strive to remember to continuously work out one of our biggest muscles, the brain. Engagement comes in many forms and helps with short term and long term mental health.  Learn something new, read a great book, spend more time with your loved ones. It is important and challenge given to all PAX


Pops on Q next Thursday. Be there and show support. Keep those in your thoughts/prayers and help those affected by the Germantown flood if you are available. THUNDERCLAPS to those who were able and willing to assist. 8/8 for PLNITRO….the best coffee in the land. If you are reading this and haven’t experienced the LAIR, come out on Thursday and experience it in all its glory. It is worth the drive.