September 27, 2019

Man Maker AMRAP @ The MORG

THE SCENE: Weather was great for beat down today


 SSH IC x 25

Daisy Pickers IC x 20

SSH IC x 20

Overhead Clap IC x 15
Today was Man Maker AMRAP for time.

PAX would be a station doing AMRAP excercises on the sheet in from of them while 1 PAX would be at the Man Maker station. Everyone was to AMRAP until the PAX completed 7 Man Maker reps with 20# weights, then we would rotate. This was a timed event. 

  • The other stations
    • Flutter Kicks w/ Ruck
    • Curls – 15# weights
    • Front Squat w/ Ruck
    • Farmer Carry around group or Farmer Hold & calf raises w/ 2 – 45# weights
    • Jump Rope
    • CMU Overhead Press
    • Tricep Kickbacks – 10# weights

Round 1 – 9 min Hack (20#) – Passed – Penalty 5 Erkins

Round 2 – 8 min Hack (20#) – Passed – Penalty 50 LBCs

Round 3 – 7 min Hack (20#) – Passed – Penalty NONE

Round 4 – Weight was dropped to 15# dumbells, 4 Reps each, for time. My time limit was 3min 45 sec. and we finished with 2 seconds to spare.

Flutter Kicks until time
8 PAX ( 0 FNGs) Sleep Number, Granola, Orange Julius, Esquire, Potiphar, Woodpecker, O’Reilly, Croissant
Shared a devotion I read before the workout. It was about our plans vs. God’s plans. We make plans with our lives and God has a different idea. At that moment we have a choice to say yes to His plan or yes to our plan. How we react tells the tale of whats going on inside. Ulitmately God’s plan will supersede our in the end. But the takeaway for me is that I should be taking my plans to God in the begining and asking Him if this is acceptable or not, and  being obedient when he says it’s not.
I really like doing the timed workouts, you see guys pushing not wanting to be the reason we missed the time. Guys were struggling, but they pushed through and wre not going to let the group down.  
OJ and Croissant’s M’s are expecting….. Both are around 11-13 weeks now. Be in prayer for their familes.

Also probably a lot going on Slack right now… so check it out.