July 26, 2018

Man Bun with a side of grass clippings

THE SCENE: The brief break from the heat had officially ended before the pax arrived.  Numerous really really really ridiculously good looking pax assembled.

The fresh cut grass clippings at the berm had been conveniently piled right where we were about to bear crawl through for the next 30 minutes.


Daisy Pickers, SSH, shoulder taps, arm circles, and a little stretching

Indian Run to Berm mountain… Altitude (8 ft above sea level)

Ladder up to 21… Bear Crawl up Berm Mt and run down other side.  (Start with 1 pushup and then on opposite side of hill do 2 squats… Continue alternating pushup’s and squats until pax reaches 21.)

Ladder Down from 21… Mode of Transportation rotating between running up hill, bear crawls, and backwards run up hill. (Alternating with Odd’s as sit-ups and even’s as lunges down from 21 back to 1)

Indian run back to startex (highlight was impromptu race between snookie and toms.)

Pax grabbed coupons and did 25 (4-count) curls in cadence.. Then 25 (4-count) overhead press with coupon in cadence.

Dying cockroach, Freddie Mercury, American Hammer, shoulder taps, and Weezy Jefferson.

7 Pax (Snookie, Gus, Gepetto, Searcy, Tomb Raider,  Toms, and Lil’ Nicky)
2 Corinthians 3:18 – Spoke about whatever we focus on will shape who we become… Pax have been an encouragement to transform into healthier lifestyle but ultimately Christ is the only focus we can have that will lead us to boldness and confidence no matter what happens in the rest of life.

What are we focusing on?  What is it shaping us into?  Who are we becoming in light of our greatest areas of focus?
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