February 25, 2019

M-bars and Inverse Row 11’s

THE SCENE: Sping is in the air despite the mid-30’s.  Where is our Gloom?  looking forward to daylight savings?

High Knees, OYO.  Butt kicks, OYO.  Balls to the Wall
Mosey to the ‘never’ used monkey bars by Sea Isle school and the playground.

  • formed a single line and performed SSHs while one PAX at a time swung bar to bar and got back in line.  x 5 rounds
  • Mosey to the first turn around with low guide rails.  11’s with Merkins and Inverse Rows, bear crawl in between one way.
  • Mosey to second turn around with guide rails.  11’s with Carolina Dry Dock and Inverse Rows, crab walk in between one way.
  • Ran (9/mile pace) back to StartEX

5 PAX, 0 FNGs;  Beauty Shop, Yardsale, Photoshop, Interweb, Tomb Raider
Love is action.

Love is also a verb for those of us who are believers in Christ.  Love personified is Jesus.    Let your actions reflect your profession (of faith).

Words are more powerful preceded by action.

One of the shortest BC’s ever.  A personal quest to get us all more proficient in pull-ups continued with grip strength and back muscle action.

Its amazing how one can lose all feeling in your fingers yet have it magically return again half way through the workout.  Yes, the ground was still pretty cold for bear/crab crawling.

PAX rebelled (modified) by performing crawl crab immediately.  I found this was MUCH easier after attempting it on the last set.

Brew Ruck, April 27th.

Prayer requests for Interweb college decisions, Photoshop’s family health, Beauty Shop’s parents business venture.