September 17, 2020

Lungs, Legs, and Larms

A hot and soaky one. No chance you get two wears out of that t-shirt.


Disclaimed to modify. What do I know anyway? I’m not a doctor. Although I portray one on TV.


25 SSH
10 Abe Vigotas
10 Daisy Pickers, Knoxville-Style (if you ever Willy Loman to Knox, check out how they pick daisies. Reeeeeeeeeeeal slow there in East TN)


Lungs, legs, and larms today
Partner up:

Partner One: Run up the Berm, complete 10 merkins, run down the Berm, complete 10 dips on the curb

Partner Two: Run around the building, commence dips on the curb until partner one completes their round.

Flapjack until each partner has knocked out five rounds of each.

Men had to get their communication down to find each other in the gloom with lots of movement and men in various parts of their workout. It was a good exercise in looking out for your home-slice.

The PAX mosey-ed to the PainGround (boy, I’ll let you how much safer we all felt after some HIM, including Laettner, filled in those sinkholes on the way with Shy Guy’s sand from the Alcy Ball – Four Eyes – sand burpee challenge – them sinkholes will getcha).
Once we hit the joint, we knocked out some 11’s up the rise with dips at the bottom and merkins at the top.
After we hit our 11’s, we mosey-ed to the Parking Lot for something I do in every F3 Q I have the honor to lead….because I hate them so much…the Bear Crawl. Snookie knows. We’ve been suffering together for a long time.
On the near side, we knocked out 10 merkins and lunge walked to the other side.
Once there, we did 10 dips and bear crawled back.
This is where the PAX started to slow down a bit. In some cases, the mumble chatter dissipated and in other cases, it accelerated. No one got glass in their hands so there’s that to be thankful for. Gotta leave five for our girl.


ABC’s – which are awful
Guantanemo – which are spectacular
Hello Dolly’s – which are just plain awkward

14 PAX, Rabbit, Prince Ali, Evan Almighty, Little John (it was a Thursday), Laettner, Jump Seat, Ups, Pangea, Lipton, Tomb Raider, Gus, Baby Baby, Snookie


Words were said – vulnerability shared – eye contact was made. You kind of had to be there.


We prayed for many on this day – parents, traveling family, wounded hearts, and the healing of bodies. It felt good to take the time to consider each person to whom we are connected.

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