October 2, 2017

Lunge “Kneeling” (Football Beatdown)

AO: The Levee

QIC: Escobar

PAX: Billy Blanks, Escobar, Meter Maid, C-Lo, F150, O Positive, Homie (FNG), Raven (FNG), Rabbit (FNG)

Condition: Mid 60’s and perfect



Side straddle hop X20 ic
Carioca X 4
Tire Drill – High Knees X 4
Sumo squats Tempo x 15 ic
Big arm circles forward x15
Big arm circles backwards x15
5 Yard Sprint – 3 point stance X 4
Side straddle hop X20 ic

Mosey to baseball field

The Thang:

Protest – Lock arms with PAX – Lunge walk 25 yards and back to start line
Line Backer Vs Running Back Drill (Line backer with actual football – Toss ball to RB and do one burpee.  RB catches ball and sprints to flag.  LB chases RB down – Two hand touch.  Flag at 25 yards.)  Each PAX rotates from RB to LB.  5 Reps each
In between turns from above waiting PAX performs:
Peoples Chair – Round 1
Plank Hold – Round 2
Boat hold – Round 3
One leg up Pike plank – Round 4

Punt or Pass (AKA Smear the Q)
Person with the ball punts or throws the ball as far as he can.  PAX sprints to ball.  Whoever gets ball punts or passes.  PAX sprints to ball.  (10 reps)
We ended at center field – Lunge walk back to left field foul line.
10 Burpees



Mosey back to Skate Park

Bicycle IC X 20
Carolina Dry Docks IC X 15
Hello Dolly IC X 15
Plank Jack IC X 15
Flutter Kicks IC X 20




QIC invitation to discipleship group at Bellevue Wednesday nights.  Also, read John chapter 15 – Vine and Branches – Bear fruit or get pruned.  Pruning is God’s way of shaping us to be more like His son.  If you do not see fruit in your life ask God why.

Great work men and 3 FNG worked hard and showed very little protesting.  I support the men who fought for the flag and I encourage those who protest things to find a different way to protest.