November 24, 2020

Lovely Rita

Sing to the tune of “Lovely Rita”


Lovely Six Wicket, A- O-
Lovely Six Wicket, A- O-

Lovely Six Wicket, A-O-
You are so dark, I can’t see you
Why can’t Hav’ford put up a couple lights

We started with a short mosey
That got us all warm and cozy
Then we did Elevens ’cross a little cold yard

After that, we turned toward the hill
On which a PAX took a lil’ spill
And then we ran around the lake a few times

Lovely Six Wicket, A- O-
We did a few hand ’lease merkins
And then we did six minutes of Mary


After that we gathered around
But not ’fore Floater was outbound
And then we counted and said our nicknames

Talked about a few announcements
Took prayer requests and said my two cents
And then we stood around and drank some coffee for ’while

Oh, lovely Six Wicket, A- O-
Thanks for the fun and good time
We had eight PAX, we’ll see you all again!

Meter Maid
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