July 10, 2020

Loop de Loop de Loop

Welcome + Disclaimer x 3 (Yes 3. Slackers)
WoR 20 SSH, 20 Mountain Man Poopers, 15 Goofballs. Mosey to Alumni Mall.

Thang Round 1
Indian Run in double figure 8 including the steps at bridge and back. 10 Merkins, 20 BBSU, 30 Squats, hold Al Gore til all in.

Thang Round 2
Same thing but do Bobby Hurleys til all in

Thang Round 3
Same thing but faster runners did two back to fronts during Indian Run. Dips on tiger statue til all in

Thang Round 4
Repeat Round 3 but Low Plank til all in

Thang Round 5
Repeat Indian Run circuit but YHC had Four Eyes, Chioccetti, Bottomless do extra small loop to allow slower PAX to catch up. Last set of reps only done til first PAX completed (yep, Four Eyes) then mosey back to start for low plank til time.

CoR 6
NoR Four Eyes, Snookie, Bottomless, Teacher’s Pet, Chioccetti, Photoshop

How are you mentally, physically, spiritually? Take stock of where you are and share it with someone you trust. Do not go it alone.

Four Eyes – community and organization on good terms
Bottomless- lot of family has COVID-19
TP – niece due to be born today
Ricky Bobby – healthy baby

Workout Date: