February 21, 2019

Looking Good is a Bonus / BSB Live from the Ruins

THE SCENE: Started out super foggy and in the 30s. We warmed up fast!

  • SSH x 25
  • Daisy Pickers x 13
  • Imperial Walkers x 13
  • Merkins x 13
  • Baby Arm Circles  x 13 (fwd then rvrs)


  • Moseyed down steps to Tom Lee Park to determine landmark to run to; numbered off 1s & 2s
  • 1s did reps first while 2s ran to & around the shelter next to Tom Lee parking lot, PAX could do Flutterkicks or Gas Pumpers until all in. Once we were all in, flapjack!
  • Round 1: Burpees15 @ bottom of stairs-> 10 @ middle platform-> 5 @ top of stairs
  • Round 2: Squats 18 bottom-> 10 middle-> 6 top
  • Round 3: Big Boy Sit-Ups21 bottom-> 14 middle-> 7 top

YHC came up with the stairs portion and saw that the exercise acronym formed BSB, so why not do some moves to Backstreet Boys (BSB)’s I Want It That Way. 

  • Started off song with overhead claps then to SSH
  • Chorus took us to Burpees, next transition to Squats, then to Big Boy Situps and we rotated moves throughout the end of the song.

Moseyed back to STARTEX for Mary


  • LBCs x13
  • Hello Dollys x13
  • Mountain Climbers x13
  • LBCs x13
  • Rosalitas x13
  • LOLs x13 (each way)




YHC brought up Q Source & the KING; fitness isn’t about you. Function over Aesthetics. Partner Carry and other things we do can be helpful in even of crisis. Don’t worry about the mirror, but think about implications of being Prepared.

“Looking good is a bonus.”



YHC was disappointed that there wasn’t more falsetto by the PAX (especially Handsy, who if you didn’t know…has a degree in music education and has some nice pipes) during BSB.  PAX agreed that “Looking good is a bonus” should be tagline for the Ruins given the remains of the former Spaghetti Warehouse.