February 2, 2021

Looking For Our Shadows at The Armory 2-2-21



33 Degrees and clearish.  Shield Lock ruck finished around 5:20 as others were pulling in…..Bandwagon busted out some pre-run milez while wearing what was noted as a “Tron-like” light up safety device and rolled up ready to roll a few mins before the start.



Done.  No FNGs.



Motivators – down from 6

Daisy Pickers IC x 15

Imperial Walkers IC x 15

Arm Circles IC x 10 frontwards and backwards

Stretch OYO for 30 seconds



In honor of Groundhog Day, we did a Modified Bill Murray (borrowed from the Exicon).

Normal Bill Murray does a lap around a track followed by series of exercises.  Rinse and Repeat until time.

No track and I felt adding slight variation to our method of travel between exercises would be a nice modification so…..

Performed the following exercises at the end of each round with the modes of travel listed below:

  • 10 Merkins / 10 Squats / 10 BBSU / 10 Burpees

Modes of travel:

  • Round 1 – mosey ~0.25 miles
  • Round 2 – mosey ~0.25 miles
  • Round 3 – rifle carried CMU around Armory parking lot perimeter
  • Round 4 – rifle carried CMU around Armory parking lot perimeter
  • Round 5 – bear crawl to opposite end of parking lot (far curb) and back to start (80ish yards total)
  • Round 6 – mosey ~0.25 miles
  • Round 7 – mosey ~0.25 miles


Held plank for about 40 seconds until time



As we are 1 month into the new year, I am sure many of us have set goals to achieve this year.  While it is great to set large goals, be sure to set sub-goals to keep you motivated as you progress towards your big goal.

My father is about to celebrate his 32nd year of sobriety this month.  I’m very proud of him and know without AA, he wouldn’t be here today.  We’ve all heard the motto “one day at a time”.  I know he did not have a line of sight to 32 years of sobriety when he decided to stop drinking….Making a decision to not drink today, is a lot easier than making the commitment to do so for 32 years (but I am not making a point that not drinking one day is easy for an alcoholic).

If your goal is to lose 50 lbs, you will set yourself up for success if you break that goal into smaller milestones.



I liked the simplicity of the Bill Murray workout.  Adding in something besides jogging/moseying added some good variety.  I am glad that Toby did not select another round of bear crawls at the end when I gave him the choice to decide on the mode of travel for Round 6.

Speaking of Toby – he’s in week 3 of F3 and has really committed.  This is the 3rd AO I’ve seen him at in as many weeks and I think he likes the taste of the F3 KoolAid….”this is exactly what I was looking for” was what he told me during our mosey today.  I think most of us can relate!

Pops and Nature Boy were both working through some back strains so they did pre-walk with pre-ruckers but had to skip bootcamp – where else do men get out of bed at 4:30 to take a walk with some other dudes?  2ndF also brings the boys to the yard!  Get better soon guys!

We did our last 2 rounds of exercises in cadence….I have really become a fan of having the PAX do burpees in cadence when Qing a workout.  Not sure why but it seems to just work.

I was disappointed in myself for not remembering to conclude Mary with a set of A-Rods…next time!



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