February 5, 2021

Long Sprint at 8 Track

The Scene: Nice and frosty this morning.  Most of the pax were bundle up.

Welcome and Disclaimer: Done

Warm-A-Rama: SSH IC x25, Merkins IC x15, Squats IC x10

Tha Thing:

  • Ran out of the university parking lot to Poplar Pike, headed West.  Turned North on Birnum Wood.  Then turned up Carter’s Grove.  YHC informed the pax that there was a good sized hill and Strava segment we would be trying for.  We ran it slowly backwards laying out the start and end points.  Then each pax sprinted the hilly segment all together. 0.31 miles.
  • Jack Webbs done on Q’s Count 1 Merkin 4 Halleluiah Hands up to 10/40
  • Ran back down Carter Grove segment for a rinse and repeat of the segment sprint.
  • Mosey on back to Endex, took a path through Farm park and the Soccer fields.


  • Captain Thor: 1 BBSU 4 American hammers up to 10/40
  • 10 sec plank/stretch

Pax Count: 7 Pax- Finkle, Skinner, Landline, Speaker, Ryan Howard, O’Reilly, Dawson (QIC)

COT: It’s super bowl weekend, which reminded me of some quotes by Vince Lombardi.  He was a winner that didn’t quit, just like how we pushed each other and didn’t quit on the long sprints today.   I had two quotes to share, but I forgot to grab my phone so I just shared the second one during COT (sorta).
-The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.
-We didn’t lose the game, we just ran out of time.


  • I wonder what the driver was thinking when they slowly drove through our IC Halleluiah Hands at the end of the Jack Webbs…
  • Great run by everybody today.  I think we all pushed ourselves further b/c of the shared suffering.  YHC was hurting during sprint #2 (and captain Thor). Both were fun (and awful).
  • 3.74 miles ran today
  • Cheezsteak just shared yesterday that Birnum Woods (a road we ran on today) is a reference to Shakespear.  Google confirmed his statement, it’s in Macbeth.
  • Photoshop enlightened YHC after our workout that the Jack Webb routine was named after the actor Jack Webb, who stared in a movie named Drill Instructor and this is how the recruits exercised under his command.
  • Prayers for Moneyball, Soybean, Cantore.


At 8-Track 5:30 Sunday come Run for Wyatt

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