November 29, 2017

Log Jam at the Old Forest

AO:  The Old Forest

QIC:  Heavyweight

PAX: Shoestring, Bookworm, Hall Monitor (FNG), Browns, Slick Billy, Pirtle, Crayfish, Roga, O Positive, Second Base (FNG), Pop Star, Speed Bump (FNG), Matlock, Sir Mix-a-lot, Four Eyes, Teacher’s Pet, Snookie, Gus, Beauty Shop.

Conditions:  49 and clear



15 x SSH

15 x Merkin

15 x Squat

10 x Baby Arm Circles (forward and backward)

30 x Cherry Pickers

15 x Overhead Claps

15 x High Knees

The Thang:

PAX were paired up and each pair chose a short, slightly rotten and misshapen log from the back of YHC’s truck.

Indian Run with logs to location for workout.  Indian Run plan seemed awesome when YHC was planning the workout, but in execution it turned into a cluster after a couple of minutes, so PAX just humped it to the determined location carrying logs at will.  Mumble chatter was noticeably similar to what was heard at times at GrowRuck05.  “Where are we going?” “I hate this f*%&ing log.” etc.

Once at the determined point, partners began the workout.  P1 runs to turnaround point with log, completes 5 squats with log, then runs back.  While P1 is carrying log, P2 is completing as many reps as possible to reach cumulative team total of the following exercises:

100 x Merkin

200 x Squat

300 x LBC

Partners switch after each log run.

Once totals are achieved, partners alternate between 10 x overhead press with logs and flutter kicks until all in.

Logs were joyfully deposited into the Old Forest at the culmination of the workout.

Mosey back to start – Ran out of time – No Mary.


COT:  YHC shared a few words from the Grow School attended in Chattanooga as part of GrowRuck05, and encouraged PAX to find their Dolphins (the thing that they were created to do better than anyone else).  Whether in F3, at home, in the workplace, etc, we have all been created with special skills and passions, as well as opportunities to use them to make a difference in our communities.  Part of being a leader is finding your Dolphin and acting/capitalizing on it.  When Dredd shared this at Grow School, it really hit home for YHC.  YHC has been coasting a bit lately, using the excuse of a busy, crazy life to avoid being a leader.  YHC is thankful for being challenged by the men of F3.

Prayers for Shoestring’s family in Puerto Rico (Go Fund Me campaign has been successful).

Moleskin:  YHC noticed that throwing logs into a workout creates unique challenges, not the least of which being as a sense of disorientation among the PAX.