January 8, 2018

A little run dmc in the burbs

The Levee

Conditions- A drizzly/spotty rain at 42 degrees. Aka heatwave

Q: Billy Blanks

PAX: Captain Obvious, Snowman, Raven


Warm up
SSH x 15 IC 4 ct
Tempo squats x 15 IC 4 ct
Lunges in place x 10 each leg
Push ups x 15 IC 4 ct

The thang
Mosey to FB field

(Duckwalk, merkin, crabwalk) 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and add 5 more mercans during each new line. *Omaha-bear crawl the last 20 yards after the 40-yd line and then all after the 50-yd line

Johnny cash-circle. Hold plank while one pax at a time does 6 of exercise–squat jump (learned it was not as effective with 4 people)

Push up pyramid 1-6-1
Squat pyramid 1-6-1
Jump squat pyramid 1-5-1

5 50-yd rounds of fun. Slow mosey 50yds then touch the line and tempo run back or sprint if you are an overachiever

20 yards each. 5 rounds
Army crawl/lunge walk

Mosey back to Start point

BOM/COT–Q did not leave time for Mary. Partly because he thinks core should be involved in all the exercises above if done correctly.
Q talked about Casting all cares and anxieties on the Lord. We are the men and leaders of our home. We need to make sure we are leading our home in staying in the Word and walking with Jesus. Our wives can feed off of us, therefore if we are not, we may lead them astray or stress them out. Hoping that saying it aloud will open my ears and heart as I finish work and start school in the next few weeks.