December 3, 2018

“Lil Squishy Boy” Paving Stone Fest.

THE SCENE: Mid 30s, much colder than my expected 60s… 😀




Daisy Pickers, Windmills, Said Sit ups but meant squats (PAX giggled like little girls… and made fun of me for the rest of the workout), Lunges. 


  • First COP with coupons. 50 reps for two rounds. 25 reps for round number 3. Air chairs in between.
    • Curls.
    • Rows.
    • Triceps.
    • Bench Press.


  • Judah’s COP.
    • Split the PAX in 3 groups while remaining in a circle. By group, we will perform 10 reps of the exercises mentioned above while the other groups hold a plank. 20 countdowns in between each round.
    • Round 1 & 2 – Merkins, CHerkins, Alligator Walks. [if you were group 1 you’d exercise, plank, exercise, plank, exercise, plank].
    • Round 3 – 20 Merkins.

Dolly, flutter kicks, box cutters, American hammers (led by beauty shop), Guantanamo, 2-min thanks giving plank.


13 PAX (No FNG) – Interweb, Laettner, Tomb Raider, Beauty Shop, Yardsale, Plan B, Transplant, Van Gogh, Gus, Gepetto, Malco, Photoshop, Judah (Q).


“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” 2 Timothy 1:7 ESV

  • Christ makes:
    • Fearless men.
    • Strong men.
    • Loving men.
    • Self governing men.

T-CLAPS to the PAX for putting up with my broken English this morning. I could not for the life of me get a hold of my tongue. I think I even said flanks instead of planks at one point haha. Glad they did what I thought and not what I said.

Lil Squishy Boy history lesson: A week or so ago I was in bed after my alarm had gone off. I was ready to leave the warm comfy fart sack when my oldest boy (3 years old) came into the room and cuddled with me. He is not a cuddler, so I took it as a divine sign I was meant to stay and ditch the PAX. Almost immediately after that thought, he turns around pokes my belly and whispers “you little squishy boy”. Needless to say, it didn’t take me but a few milliseconds to jump out of my bed and get ready!

2-min thanks giving plank summary: kids, F3, fartsack, good in laws, bad in laws, health, being able to provide for family.


Check announcements channel 🙂