January 17, 2020


YHC was a minute behind running from home. It was cold, so I never stopped and just picked up 3 PAX standing at startex waiting on the Q.

We completed the standard 8-track loop and did some “pick me ups” between light poles on the back half of CD smith. Chilling mile+ back to home base with one last pick me up for the last quarter mile.

Scones, biscottis and coffee were enjoyed following the run.

What got you here, won’t get you there. However you got where you are today, it’s going to take more effort, thinking and consideration to get where you want to go. Pick it up!

Sparky’s been disappointed by the weather during January being too soft on the PAX who are working on his running challenge. Today was pretty miserable if you were flying solo. Just a little wintry mix though, no biggie.

There was much discussion about the need for an F3 rally cry. Imagine you see the F3 logo in the airport, it’d be great to have our own callout sign of respect.
For example
Mandalorians “this it the way”
Bammers “Roll Tide”
Aubies “War Eagle”

While I don’t admire all of these tribes, I do admire their rally cries. Who’s going to be the HIM + witty man to come up with one for F3?

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