August 9, 2018

Lightning Fast Ultimate

A little heat lightning on the way. No thunder. Gorgeous outside while the multi-purpose field glistened, and beckoned us come.

Dis-claimed, all the way! Dis-claimed, all the way! Including but not limited to, the official F3 Lightning ENDEX policy as made clear by none other than the Nan’tan himself the previous night. 

SSH x30 IC
Burpees x10 OYO
30 Second Stretch
Wide Arm Circles x10 IC
Reverse! Reverse!

Moseyed to the multi-purpose field for a little F3 Ultimate, Memphis style. Stood in awe of it for a moment. Then used some cones to make two end zones. The cones felt a little like a Silent iGenner at a job convention, but they served their purpose.

Rules are simple: Split into two teams. 37 minutes of balls to the wall Ultimate War. If the Frisbee hits the ground all PAX do two Burpees. When your team scores, you decide how the other team performs their walk of shame back to the other end zone. Otherwise, standard ultimate rules apply.

Team 1 Lineup:
1. Bombay – The heavy handed bruiser
2. Nature Boy – The hustler / Wild Thing
3. Pops – The crafty veteran with eye sight troubles
4. Richard Simmons – Freak athlete who doesn’t know his own name

Team 2 Lineup:
1. Skids – Suburban bomber and pinch runner
2. C-Lo – Crafty veteran keeping the diversity count up
3. Scrooge – The secret MVP
4. Phat Pat – Quintessential “coach on the field” (read: fat and slow) and undisputed F3 Ultimate Champion. Still living off of his one big contract.

There was much back and forth and ballyhoo. This team scored. The other team would almost score (Bombay!). And looooots of Burpees were had by all. Team 2 won, obvi. Final score: 7 to a mercy 3. There was some mumbling about a rematch in the future once certain PAX learned even how to throw a frisbee. We shall see.

4 minutes of Phat Pat Stretches!

8 PAX + the Spirit of Granola, no FNG’s

YHC took this Q last minute to support my brother C-Lo. All I needed was 8 cones and a frisbee. Wasn’t the hardest workout ever, but we all got better and had fun. It was simple. If you need to make changes in your life, they can start small. Master one small step, then add another. Don’t overcomplicate the process. Doing something consistently is better than nothing.

YHC could feel the spirit of Granola urging him on in his moments of doubt and despair. I know he is looking down on me from heaven like Chubbs with the alligator in Happy Gilmore. Much love Granola!

I’d like to thank The Lair for a super fun morning, and laying it all out on the field. Those boys can ball! HC to miss Bombay’s Revenge Q at the Morg tomorrow.

City Ruck
Iced Coffeeteeria complements of Nature Boy! Ooooooh!