April 27, 2018

Leveecide Ladder

THE SCENE: Straight up 50˚. As YHC pulled into the premises, the AOQ approached me going the opposite direction, traveling at a high rate of speed in his fun-buggy. It was later learned that a degenerate lowlife illegally entered the AOQ’s professional science lab and turned on his golden shower before going wee-wee-wee all the way home … or back to his evil lair. Upon hearing the news, Woody informed us that the thief was likely disappointed because that particular pharmalab lacked “any of the good stuff that you need to make meth.” Let’s keep an eye on Woody.


SSH IC x 15
Mountain Climbers IC x 15
Rocky Balboas IC x 15
SSH IC x 15

THA-THANG: Brisk mosey to the gridiron with three strategically-random stops for 10 ct. rounds of Merkins, cause we’re ‘mericans.

Once inside the friendly confines of Slicnut Field at Landers Center Stadium, PAX toed the north goal line to begin their Seven Rounds of Leveecides. PAX traveled to the 25/50/25/south goal line and back (with prescribed MOT) and then performed that round’s exercise each time they crossed the goal line.

– Round 1: 5 Burpees (MOT = run)
– Round 2: 10 Shoulder Taps (MOT = backwards run)
– Round 3: 15 Air Squats (MOT = carioca)
– Round 4: 20 Shoulder Presses (MOT = run)
– Round 5: 15 Jumping Lunges (MOT = backwards run)
– Round 6: 10 BBS (MOT = carioca)
– Round 7: 5 Burpees (MOT = run)

We then return-moseyed to Startex and almost beat the clock.


7 PAX were there: Woody, Moneybags, Wide Right, Harry Carey, Meter Maid, Blondie (Willy Loman from F3 ATL), Captain Obvious (QIC)

Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good. Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.”   -Romans 12:9-10

These verses provide three solid principles for the HIM as he leads his family:

1. Hate wrong, hold on to good
2. Freely give genuine affection
3. Model honor

YHC loves this particular beatdown because it’s simple to Q and adds a solid touch of cardio throughout. The men pushed themselves and deposited some serious sweat on SF@LCS. Halfway through the Leveecides, a Houston Mustangs Football Coach sauntered onto the field to investigate our trespassing. As the QIC, and with the AOQ mopping up pee, YHC approached to handle the business at hand. After brief introductions and explaining our presence, YHC tried his best to channel his inner-Rabbit and throw out an invitation to join the beatdown (ABH). The coach quickly laughed, called the PAX fools and began retreating back into the shadows. YHC congratulated the coach on being able to fashionably rock the polo-tucked-in-to-the-gym-shorts look. Even Sad Clowns have Dolphins, it appears.

Totals for today:
– 30 Merkins
– 40 Burpees
– 40 Shoulder Taps
– 60 Air Squats
– 80 Shoulder Presses
– 60 Jumping Lunges
– 40 BBS
– 3,500 yards traveled

– BrewRuck on 4/28 … it’s not too late
– Converge on Monday 4/30 at Lair for Bruce’s Memorial Beatdown … seriously don’t miss this
– VAPE sesh on 5/1 … it’s exactly what you think it is