July 9, 2018


THE SCENE: It was prolly 78˚ with 167% humidity. Also, Larry had apparently showed up for the pre-ruck, and upon discovering that he would ruck alone, decided to deposit his stank all over the Levee. Classic Larry. F150 was there, driving all night from Ripley, Mississippi (if that’s an actual place). Carport came to sponsor his FNG, driving all night from Bartlett (used to be a real place). Slicnut was back from his tropical vacation, driving all of 30 seconds from his driveway. Speedy showed up at the end of Warm-o-Rama … I assume because he stopped to fight some crime on his way out of the Dirty Dova. Woody and Billy Blanks dressed alike in non-matching long-sleeved shirts for some reason. Must’ve forgotten that it’s summertime in Mordor.


Confirmed: I did.

Grass Pickers IC x 15
Imperial Walkers IC x 15
Apollo Ono OYO x 10 each side
Mountain Merkins IC x 10

THA-THANG: mosey to the football field

PAX line up on goal line and bear crawl to 10 yard line to begin exercise circuit. Bear crawl 10 yards between each set. Number of reps depends on yard line.

– 10 – Turkish Getups
– 20 – One Legged Burpees (10 each leg)
– 30 – Merkins
– 40 – BBS
– 50 – Squats

After completing circuit, sprint to opposite goal line and then back to 50 yard line to complete circuit in reverse.

ORIGINAL PLAN: Complete TOMBS circuit again … but double the exercise reps in round 2.

REALITY: There was no time … and every PAX would’ve died. Terrible, terrible idea. We’ll do it next time though.

Mosey back to SF with pearls to gather the six:
  – Overhead Claps IC x 10
  – Cherry Pickers OYO x 20
  – Alternating Shoulder Taps IC x 10

Box Cutters IC x 15
Freddy Mercuries IC x 15
Dealers Choice:
– F150: Uptown Funk Crunches IC x 15
– Speedy: Flutter Kicks IC x 20 (cadence called in a single, painful breath)
– Rabbit: Baby Makers IC x 10 (oddly seductive cadence)
– Moneybags: 6”/45˚/90˚/45˚/6”

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: 14 PAX exchanged sweat for rubber turf pellets in their shorts: Moneybags, Carport, Pops, Woody, Billy Blanks, Speedy, F150, Slicnut, Corky, Rabbit, Meter Maid, Barney, Grave Digger (FNG), Captain Obvious (QIC)

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: Challenged the PAX with an excerpt from the latest Q Source on Trust.

Reliance is the heart of Trust. For a Team to be Dynamic, the Members must implicitly and fully rely upon each other to competently perform their part of the Team’s Mission-essential Tasks. It is not enough for a man to tell his Team Members that he can do his job, or even for the Q to do so. They have to see the man in action under stress for reliance to build. 

F3 has an acronym for the dirty, dangerous and difficult things we do to build Trust. We call them CSAUPs, which stands for Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless. This is satirical on our part because a CSAUP is neither stupid nor pointless, it is a very efficient way to share pain. A CSAUP can be an obstacle race or a GORUCK challenge or anything else that provides the opportunity for dirt, danger and difficulty. Completing it together tells the participants something about themselves and each other—that they are men upon whom others may safely rely. 

The nature of the event is not important. What matters is that the Q uses the CSAUP to apply stress to his Team to build the Trust-relationship between its Members.

We prayed for Billy Blank’s upcoming tests, Chapter 13 going through a difficult time, and the safe return of Pop’s wife and daughter (driving home from Chattanooga today).

MOLESKIN: After returning from vacation where I ate everything in sight and exercised exactly zero minutes, YHC came oh-so-close to a Splash on the return trip back to the Shovel Flag. But today was not that day, and the PAX finished strong on a mighty humid Monday. It was good to see an OG, F150, back in the 901. After coming from the fiery furnace of the Texas summer, the cooler Memphis temps brought out his inner beast. He killed it this morning. Our FNG, now named Grave Digger (first kiss was in a cemetery … draw your own conclusions), came ready to work. His sponsor, Carport, left the Levee ready for work. Literally. 90 seconds after leaving the parking lot, he walked into Coffeeteria at the Creamery looking fresh and in full business casual attire. Either YHC did not push him hard enough … or he has fashioned a shower in the backseat of his car … or he is some kind of Morglian wizard.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: GrowRuck 12 is Sept 21-23. Don’t be a girl- make the HC today!