January 7, 2021

Levee 1/6/21





Disclaimer – given


Warm up

High Knees, Butt Kicks, Daisy, SSH, Phelps, Arm Circles


Tha Thing


CMU curls – 7 = 1


Colt 21 (21 curls total)

Overhead press 20

Bench press 20

Tricep extension 20



Hold 1 min plank after all in


Repeat 2 times


Indian run to the skate park


25 merkins, wide and diamond

25 squats

25 LBC


Repeat 3 times


Indian run to the football field


25 merkins

Plank jacks 25

side crunches 25


Repeat 2 times

10 Grass Drills (because we were on a football field so it was required)


Indian run to Start x


Repeat round 1

1 Minutes of CMU curls OYO


American Hammer, Bicycle, Pickle


COT – when you know you need to make a change trust yourself and your gut.   Do not hesitate when you know you have a problem. Act!


Prayers for Rocket Launchers Father in Law, Phil,



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