February 10, 2018

Let the #WinterGames begin!!! U-S-A…U-S-A…

The Scene: The Lair

PAX: Woody, Backseat, Snowman, Bombay, Bocephus, Pops, Reboot, Jasmine, Moneyball, Corndog, Brady, Nature Boy and  O Positive; 1 FNG (Steve-O)

Conditions: 26, cold and wet




*Ski Jacks x22 IC (4 ct)

*Mountain climbers X 22 IC (4 ct)

*Mountain climbers X 22 IC (4 ct)

*Ski Jacks x22 IC (4 ct)

Lil’ mosey to a ‘lil nearby mountain for a ‘lil climb.

>HILL RUNS x3 as a Group

*YHC was the Flag Bearer for the Opening Ceremony and led the athletes (I use that term loosely, himself included) on a parade through an open field to the base of-then up a mountain (molehill) then back down…back around for a second time up…then the DRAMA. YHC had challenges with his footing while carrying the flag and stumbled ever so slightly going up the 2nd time then the flag touched the dirt. YHC awaited the arrival of all the PAX to get to the top and he explained that ‘he was responsible for the group and responsible for the flag’. YHC self-imposed a penalty of 10 burpees on himself while the PAX circled up and did Squats and counted the Burpees that YHC so humbly performed.  YHC apologized, again, then led the PAX down the hill…then the mumblechatter got heavy.  Upon hearing some PAX they were glad we did not charge the hill a 3rd time…oh, silly PAX…YHC heard you. The hill was charged a 3rd time. Up then down the other side.

Further mosey to the Thang:


*Bobsled:  PAX were divided into 3 teams: 4,4,4 .  1 PAX from each team sat on a flat cardboard box (sled) and the remaining Team PAX pushed the sled 100 yards. Switched PAX on the sled with a new PAX from the same Team.   PAX then pushed sled 100 yds. Repeat until all 4 PAX from the Team had driven a new driver of the sled 100 yards.

*Flag Relay:  PAX were distributed ‘evenly’ on all 4 corners of the 100 yard field.  YHC started the relay by running 100 yards carrying the Shovel flag (sans the shovel) for the hand-off to the next awaiting PAX on the next leg/corner.  Once all PAX had completed a leg of the relay they would go to STARTEX of the relay while YHC completed a final lap around all 4 corners until ENDEX.

*Cross-Country Skiing:  3 PAX were selected (1 from each Team) and used snow shoes (cardboard box rectangles) to cross-country ski 100 yards on the multi-purpose turf field.  Repeated the same and returned to STARTEX.  YHC was the winner.

*Archery Lunge Walk: Final event was the PAX lunge walking 100 yards while performing an archery bow draw each time the left or right knee lowered to the turf. Mosey back to STARTEX.

Mumblechatter was in full effect when 1 PAX made comment that “at least we didn’t do Burpees” (which YHC is notorious for).  Next up: PAX formed a circle and…1 by 1…starting with YHC…the PAX did 1 Burpee going clockwise until all 14 PAX had completed 1 Burpee/each.  It was a thing of beauty.

*GOLD…SILVER…and BRONZE Medals were awarded.

*Grateful for Military Veteran (8 year Army Ranger) @Brady for being the Flag Bearer for the Closing Ceremony.


*LBC x22 IC

*BBSU x 22 IC

*Low Plank x 60 seconds





YHC was ‘swirling snakes’ today and the PAX didn’t have a chance.  Known for his imaginative Q’s, YHC, really brought out one of his epic beatdowns so much so that multiple PAX sent him messages later in the day about how much they enjoyed it. Now that is sadistic.  Anyways, as a Leader it is always great to get feedback…and favorable feedback always tastes better.  YHC was grateful to lead the men.  During COT, YHC spoke about ‘margin’ in our lives-as men, and what that can resemble.  Too few/too many people in our ‘margin’ of life can mean that we are either self-absorbed and/or too isolated.  But with what.  Are we too busy to spend time with people that matter, thus casting many into the margin of our lives?  Or are we to too withdrawn that we have no one in our margins to check in on us or make sure that we are healthy and vibrant?

FNG was named “Steve-O” since he was the next FNG to post to a YHC-led BC after the FNG from the Levee on 2/6/Wed tried to self-name himself “Steve-O”. (He was named The Cleaner, instead).

Check yourself…before you wreck yourself…or others along the way.

PAX prayers were lifted up.


Final day of Service Project going down this Sat.  All details on Twitter @F3Memphis.

Apparently @Gus and #PhatPat are foot racing in the rain this Sat @ 8:10am.  This might resemble MIRACLE.