September 14, 2018

Leisure Ruck

Date: 09/14/2018

AO: The Morg

QIC: Gus

Conditions: 72F – I’ve had better.



I intended to start with a 1-mile ruck to get the blood pumping. Phat Pat convinced me to keep going, so we did. Two and a half miles later, we did something else.

10 derkins OYO at each light pole to reach the SP for Route 66.

Route 66 (ascending reps 1-11)
Overhead press

Curb Work
Bent-over Row IC x 25
Lateral Front Raise IC x 10
Derkins OYO x 20
Alternating Toe Taps x 60 seconds

Bleacher Work
Leg Drivers OYO x 20 (each side)
Derkins OYO x 20

Flutterkicks IC x 20

Ratchet Shoulder Blaster to ENDEX

Circle of Trust
Count-O-Rama: 9
Name-O-Rama: Doubtfire, Orange Julius, Phat Pat, Sleep Number, Choker, Carport, Woodpecker, Tree Hugger,  Gus | FNGs: N/A

BOM: Are you humbly grateful or grumbly hateful? Have an attitude of gratitude.

Moleskin: Doubtfire (from Knoxville) told me earlier in the week that he would be in the Memphis area for this morning’s workout. Slicnut told him that The Levee was a ruck workout, so Doubtfire decided to post at The Morg with me. SURPRISE! We were also doing a ruck workout.

Phat Pat tried some mind tricks to get me to help him “taper.” (He doesn’t need “help.”) Lucky for him, I like to ruck and don’t love ruck PT.