September 5, 2019

Legs, Pull-Ups, Gender Reveal

THE SCENE: Blazing Saddle, mid 70s, cool breeze when we stepped out of the stables. 


I am not a professional, you exercise at your own risk, you are responsible for your own well being, anything I say out here is merely a suggestion. 


SSH, Squats, Imperial Walker, Daisy Picker, Finkle Swing,, Merkins. stretch legs. 


  • Mosey to stadium for 3 rounds of leg stuff. 
  • TABATA: Legs, three rounds at 20 sec per exercise, 10 sec rest
    1. Calf Raises
    2. Right leg squat  (single leg squats, alternate leg each rep)
    3. Left leg squat
    4. Jumping lunges
    5. Right step-up-jumps
    6. Left step-up-jumps
    7. Side lunges (alternating)
    8. Jump squats/bobby hurleys
  • Mosey to pullup bars: Partner up. 
    • 5 rounds:
    • P1/P2 alternate pullups for 2 min (Take turns doing 5 reps each, modify up/down). Aid by holding feet if necessary. 
    • p1/p2 do 1 min of Merkin variations. 
      • Merkins
      • Diamond Merkins
      • Dry Docks (handstands if you bad…)
      • Wide Merkins
      • Merkin-Fives w partner. 
  • Remaining time: Mosey back to startex: Deconstructed burpee circuit: two groups, line behind dumbbells. 
    1. 4 each arm: Single arm burpee-press (devil press) w 35 lb dumbell (modify: burpee)
    2. Squat jumps (Up: tuck jumps, down: squats)
    3. Groiners
    4. Merkins

Only had two min to finish this, we made it through 3 rounds. 

MARY: Nope. Not today. 


 8 Pax, Four Eyes on Q, Tomb Raider, Flipper, Rainout, Swipe Right, Roots, U-Rock, Woody


I am struggling a lot to stay focused on some big goals at work this month – they don’t have a deadline and no one is asking me for them, but if I don’t do them our company will suffer. Please pray for focus and that I would be able to say NO to others who ask for time so I can get these big pieces to fall into place. 


Man, 2 min is a long time to do pullups. Great work pressing on and pulling hard. The stable pull up bars are a real treat. This is a fun group of HIM that are really in great shape. Beware PLC in a faithful Kiwanis members parking spot, I almost lost a leg. Also, thanks to the G-Town vactor truck for spraying everywhere to keep the dust down. Blazing Saddle air quality is top notch. Thanks to Tomb Raider for the leftover gender reveal towels? Learn something new every day.