July 17, 2018

Legs in a Vice

THE SCENE:  In the 70’s and a bit trashy.  Kinda like Captain Obvious’ high school girlfriend.

The PAX was welcomed to the Annex and disclaimer did mention the potential injury from the VICE.

Baby Arm Circles IC X 15 Both directions both arms
Daisy Pickers IC X 15
Tempo Lunges IC X 10 Both Legs
Tempo Squats IC X 15
Hill Billys IC X 15
Carolina Dry Docks IC X 15

Vice Dan Taylor:
1:4 ratio
1 Squat to 4 Lunges
During the above work the VICE was passed from PAX to PAX until all had ~ 2 minutes of Day Taylor along with the VICE

Hindenberg BLIMPS
Light pole to Light pole
Pole #1 10 Burpees
Sprint with 1 PAX carrying the VICE to Pole #2
Pole #2 20 Lunges (10 each leg)
Sprint to Pole #3 Different PAX carries the VICE
Pole #3 Imperial Walkers
Sprint to Pole #4
Pole #4 40 Slot Merkins
Sprint to pole #5
Pole #5 50 Plank Jacks
Sprint to Pole #6
Pole #6 60 Squats

During this time High Knees until all in.

Vice Laps (2 laps around parking lot with VICE being passed every 1/2 lap.

Boat Canoe for 2 minutes
Windshield wipers IC X 10
Reverse Crunch IC X 10
LBC’s IC X 20

5 PAX with 0 FNG

Leadership is something learned.  Think about the great leaders of the Bible – Moses spent 40 years prepping for his mission.  And just when he was “ready” he resisted God so much that God allowed his brother Aaron to speak for him.  But over time Moses took over.  Abraham had a pretty week beginning.   He even told people that his wife Sarah was his sister.  After that look at what he became.  If you don’t feel like a leader right now then ask God to give you that opportunity.  God’s plan for your marriage is to be the spiritual leader of your home.

The dirty dova (Annex) did not disappoint.  As Speedy and I prepped for the workout he decided to tidy up the place a bit.  Apparently there was a Rave the night before that left rubbish all over.  Speedy corrected me and said no… this is typical.  The PAX did not appreciate the craftsmanship that went into the VICE, but the HIM at the Annex proved their worth.  After saying that carrying the VICE for the last 2 lap run was optional, pops was already headed over to pick it up.  Great job Pops showing us what a leader is supposed to do.

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